Monday Must-haves; Intro!


Hi everyone!

I've been inspired by a few bloggers that I follow on how they have a series of posts on a particular thing i.e. 'look of the day'. So I thought why not add my own little series and decided that seen as I only seem to be doing haul posts lately, I need a way of reviewing all these new products hence, how I thought of the 'Monday Must-haves'! I thought this would be a great way to let you know of great products and also ensure that I'm constantly updating my blog! I'm really excited to start these posts and I hope you'll find them interesting! Of course I'll do some reviews of things I don't like and I may begin that in a 'Thursday Throwaways' series, but I'll stick to positive reviews for now!

If you have any specific products you've seen in my previous posts that you would like me to a review on then leave a comment below and I will do that for you :)

Be sure to check out my blog on Monday 2nd September to see my first post in this series!
Enjoy the week

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