Monday Must-Have #4


I am the laziest person when it comes to moisturising my body and it shows in the condition of my skin. I just hate the feeling you get when you put on a cream and it sits on your skin leaving you feeling all sticky and then it's impossible to put leggings on after - nightmare! But recently I came across Soap & Glory's bath and bodycare range and I purchased this gorgeous cream; The Righteous Butter Body Lotion by Soap & Glory

This cream does not feel thick and sticky on your skin, it spreads nicely and it still moisturises your skin well! It's a fairly big bottle, with 500ml worth of product and a pump that makes it super easy to apply and less messy compared to using a screw top bottle. Like all Soap & Glory products, this cream smells delicious! The smell actually makes my room smell good, however I have to admit the smell doesn't stay on my skin for too long, which is a shame. Overall I am in absolute love with this cream, it retails at £10.00 (boots) which may seem a little expensive for a cream but it does last quite a long time. They have a few other creams in the same packaging with other popular smells from Soap & Glory so it is well worth having a sniff around for one you may like.

If you have tried this, or any of the other creams, let me know what you think by commenting down below :)

Have a lovely day!

Neelam xxx

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