Monday Must-Have #5


I tend to find myself not reaching for lipsticks as often as I should, purely because I don't feel like I can pull them off. This lipstick is one of the boldest of my collection and even though I don't wear it a lot, I'm still in absolute love with it. It's the MAC Lipstick in Russian Red. 

I love how sophisticated the lipstick packaging is! It's such a cute size and has a nice sleek finish to it. The lipstick has a nice smell to it too - I know that sounds weird, but it's true! The dark colour is perfect for a red winter colour, I'll have to encourage myself to wear this more this winter! It gives a nice matte finish and is really long lasting. It retails for £15, which may seem like a lot compared to your typical highstreet lipsticks, but it is well worth investing in. 

Let me know what you think ladies!

Neelam xxx

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