Mascara review #3



It took me a while to get the hang of this mascara because the wand shape was so curvy I found it difficult to coat all my lashes. But once I was comfortable using it, it worked wonders! It's such a good mascara for elongating and spreading out your lashes. One of my friends in school used this and it made her eyelashes look so naturally long. She had fairly big eyes and it still suited her really well. I personally prefer to layer it up with a mascara that is a bit more volumising. If you want something natural or just a little something to make you look a bit more awake then this is the perfect mascara and for £7.99 or £7.14 depending where you buy, you can't go wrong. I also found it handy for when my other mascaras were drying out slightly and made my lashes look clumpy as it would separate my lashes super easily. The wand makes it easy to control and you can get your desired look really quickly.

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Cat Eyes | Boots | Superdrug

Neelam xx

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