Mascara review #5



I've left my favourite mascara till last. It's my most recent purchase from all of the mascaras and I looove it! In fact I would say that is an understatement. This lengthens, volumises and coats your lashes so damn well and for £7.99 you just can't go wrong with it! My best friend has really short lashes and she's constantly on the hunt for a mascara that lengthens and keeps it hold. When she finally listened to me and purchased this mascara she has said nothing but good things about it and now uses it on a daily basis! The bristles on this wand are unusually small and so you'd expect it to come out very clumpy and hard to flare out, but it is so easy to use and gives such a clean neat finish. The one (and only) downside to this mascara is that it isn't the easiest to remove. I find it's almost like removing waterproof mascara. Although saying that, I'm beginning to get the hang of it and it doesn't take me too long now, perhaps I was just using the wrong technique. Mine isn't the waterproof version, but it holds the curl of my lashes just like waterproof mascaras tend to do. If you're going to buy any mascara from the reviews I've done this month then I would 100% recommend you buy this one!

That is the end of my mascara review series. I hope you've enjoyed it and have found it helpful. I'm hoping to do a mini foundation review over the next few months so keep an eye out for that.

Have you tried the rocket mascaras? I would love to know which of the mascaras in this series is your favourite!

Rocket Mascara | Boots | Superdrug

Neelam xx

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