Yes, another e.l.f. haul!


This months beauty haul is going to have quite a few different things; so I decided not to include these items in there. When I first started this blog I always did e.l.f. hauls and I thought, why not stick to tradition! The main reason behind this haul was that I had just hit pan on my favourite blush and I wanted to repurchase. I know that my old blush will most likely last me at least another month (I hope), but there was a 50% off everything off that I just could not resist. A few of the things I wanted to try had sold out and to be quite honest with you, I have a lot of elf products already so there wasn't much else I wanted. But for the deal to work I needed to spend £30. Considering there was also free delivery at the time I only spent a total of £15 (well just a few pennies over).

Blushes were the main drive of this haul and the most frequent product too! I decided to try two new blushes in the same studio range as my all time favourite mellow mauve blush; Candid Coral and Blushing Rose. I've never tried a corally coloured blush before so I'm not sure how that is going to turn out. I'm hoping it does show up on my skin tone, otherwise I'll have to find another use for it. Blushing Rose looks like a darker version of mellow mauve, even though the images show differently. I've probably said this before, but I absolutely adore the packaging on these blushes. They look a hell of a lot more expensive than £3.95 and are just as pigmented as any other blush. I'm thinking of doing a little swatch post for these blushes so keep your eyes peeled for that. The fourth blush I purchased is one that I haven't seen before and it's the baked blushes in the studio range. It says new on the packaging but I get the feeling its been around for a while and I just haven't really paid attention to it. I like the look of the marble effect it has. The one I purchased is in the shade Passion Pink. However, it almost looks like the Tickled Pink blush with streaks of Passion Pink, both from the blushes in the studio line. I think it works really well and despite the packaging looking quite cheap, I am happy with this purchase. 

I won't dither much on the elf powder brush as I'm sure I have mentioned this before. I already have one of these and I have to admit it's my most used and most loved brush. It's just perfect for applying foundation and I really have nothing bad to say about it. I actually purchased it for my mum (little addition to her Mother's Day presents).

I then decided to try out the nail polish. I see pictures being post about them on their Facebook all the time but just never thought of trying them out. I thought if try out the natural ones because I have so many pinks and reds that I needed something different. They're a lot smaller than I hoped, sort of the same size as the MUA £1 nail polishes. The colour is really opaque although I'm not 100% about the lasting power - not sure if I used top coat so I'll have to give it another go! 

I accidentally bought two of the elf eyebrow stencils - what a sausage. I liked the idea of these but I really can't see me using them. I like the shape of my brows and I'm unlikely to change it drastically. But who knows, one day they could come in handy. 

Lastly, I bought a shimmery all over stick (Spotlight). I thought it could be a good cheek highlighter. But I could use it to highlight under my brow bone or even the inner corner of my eyes when I want to brighten them up. There's plenty of uses for this product.

If you bought anything from the 50% sale or even elf in general then I would love to know in the comments below! 

Neelam xx

p.s. Sorry for the camera quality, I chucked the packaging away before I checked the pictures on the laptop - woops!

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