Under The Palms Wax Melt Yankee Candle


This is completely new to me, I have never used a wax melt before, nor have I really seen it in action. I decided to purchase some a few months back from the Yankee Candle online store and have only gotten round to try it out now. The first one I've decided to try out is the Under The Palms fragrance, which is not my typical go-to scent but I thought I would try something a little different. The name alone makes me feel like I'm on a Caribbean beach sitting under a beautiful tall palm tree. The scent definitley smells exotic but I suppose I imagined a more beach/sea like scent. Although, I'm not complaining because the scent is still lovely and soothing. Also, I'm not sure why the candle has white specs all over it, it may be a really old batch from the warehouse so apologies for the tacky picture.

'Like cool, refreashing shade... a lush, green scent of 
sea grass, palm leaves and island coconut,' - Yankee Candle Website

What's your favourite summer scent?

Love Neelam xx

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