A Healthy breakfast.. Almost


I'm not one to make a lot of effort in what I eat for breakfast, it's normally a bowl of cereal and a mug of Coffee. But I've decided that I want to spruce my mornings up a bit and try new things. So today, I decided to go for a slightly more healthier breakfast, yes I know there's nutella on the plate, but.. baby steps! Plus, there's far worse options than nutella. I was inspired to try toasted beagles after hearing Zoe Sugg talk about them and boy was she right! I tried the sesame beagles and toasted them until they were nice and crunchy and simply covered them in Nutella. They taste delicious and they are far more filling than a bowl of cereal. Now, I haven't got much planned for the day but I'm still hoping it'll be productive so I decided to have a little more than a beagle. I bought the YeoValley Honey flavoured yogurt which is absolutely delicious, and tore up a few rasberries and mixed it all together. I've always found rasberries quite tangy but the yoghurt helps sweeten it up and it can be a great snack too. Then my usual coffee, I have the Nestle Gold Blend coffee which is by far my most favourite! So that's my quick and easy breakfast menu, I will hopefully be having some new recipes up over the next few weeks!

Neelam xx

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  1. Agree! Far more filling than cereal! And I think bagels are better match with coffee then cereal :)


    1. I 100% agree, I think waffles also go perfectly with coffee too!