Blush stick in matte Malibu


Boy, are Makeup Revolution upping their game or what! Seriously, the products they release are so darn affordable yet are incredible quality, beautifully packaged and crazy pigmented! What more could you ask for?! This Blush Stick in the shade Matte Malibu sells for £5 and personally, for a product this good, I would happily pay 5 times the amount. I thought I'd try this out after seeing Rosanna Pierce (yes, she has inspired me again) using it and thought 'wow - that looks so creamy and easy to use'. For once, I was right! The product is so creamy making it really easy to blend. It looks quite daunting when you draw on a line, and I'll admit when I first put it on I was worried that it wasn't going to budge, but I soon realised that it doesn't take a lot of work to get it blended. I use it in my usual contour areas but blend it in so it looks like I've applied bronzer. I haven't tried using it wet just because I think it's just the right shade for me dry, if it was any sheer-er I'm not sure it would look right on me. This is one of those products that is so hard to find a bad thing to write - I definitley think it's worth trying out. I mean, look at that sleek packaging! Love, love, love!!

Tell me you love this too!

Love Neelam xx

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  1. I am loving this right now as well! Makes contouring so much easier!
    Parie x