New Look Under £25 Spring Wishlist


Although I love Winter, I always look forward to the Spring/Summer collection that shops come out with. So I thought, I'd share some of the things I'm going to keep my eye out for in one of my favourite shops, New Look. Each of these items are less than £25, making them pretty affordable.

This top is such a great take on the typical cami, the straps at the top make it so pretty and adds a little something different. I like that it's layered so it's more flattering on the figure. For £12.99 I think this is such a great deal and a great staple to have!

Roll neck were pretty popular in the Winter, but I think it's still wearable during Spring, where sometimes it feels a bit nippy outside. This would look cute with a pair of ripped jeans or even tucked in a midi skirt for a night out! 

I have been looking for a bag that I can wear when I'm going out shopping or meeting up with friends. I always have to have my purse on me but I don't always want to lug my bigger bags around. This bag is exactly what I had in mind, although I would much prefer it if it was in Brown. Nevertheless, it is still a gorgeous bag and perfect for something a little smaller.

Such a basic top, yet I think this is good for days where it's slightly chilly out. I like the idea of tucking the front into jeans and letting the rest hang loose. Basic, but a staple in anyone wardrobe. 

I love these strappy shoes so much. They're perfect to wear with dresses but also great teamed up with jeans! My biggest concern is the size of the strap, I have quite wide feed and I'm worried it would be too uncomfortable. They do look gorgeous though, maybe enough to cover the pain?

6. Blue ripped Skinny Jeans - £24.99
I haven't yet jumped on the 'ripped jeans bandwagon'. I'm not a huge fan of showing off my legs and to me, jeans are the perfect thing to wear when you can't be bothered to shave your legs. So the idea of incorparting that into the comfort of wearing jeans does seem like a lot of effort. However, these jeans have a subtle rip in them and they just add a lot of character to the outfit!

How adorable is this dress?! It's so basic, yet the pale blue colour adds a little something different to it! The style looks so flattering and still stylish. I think this would look gorgeous with some nice sandals (like no.5!) and a bold clutch!! 

Another item that would go well with strapped heels! This skirt is so bold and totally different to something I would usually pick, but when I saw it paired with a grey cropped top and bright yellow sandals on the model, I instantly fell in love. This is the ultimate Spring skirt and looks so sophisticated. 

This playsuit is the kind that you could get away with wearing converses and a denim jacket with, it's so casual yet the back gives it a little more character. Such a pretty item for a day out.

So the desription of this says pink, but it looks more blush/almost muted marroon to me. Nonetheless, it's still a goregous skit! For the past few years, maxi skirts have been a real hit, but for those of you who want to show off a bit more of your legs, this is perfect! With a White, short-sleeved crop top this would look super pretty. The model on the website is wearing boots with the skirt which I think works pretty well!

Last but not least, is this pretty number! I haven't seen a top like this and if I saw it on a hanger I probably wouldn't give it a second glance. However, when I saw it on the model I couldn't help but think that my prayers have been answered. As someone who doesn't usually feel comfortable with crop tops, I think this is perfect! I like the sheer material that covers most of the body - even though you can still see a bit of belly, it's not as daring for me! Even though the model wears it with jeans, I think a pair of denim shorts and brown boots would look cute too! It could be dressed up for the evenings too!

I would love to see what you have been loving at New Look recently! I love the style and affordability of New Look clothes and I can always rely on finding something good to wear!

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  1. I love the little Aztec playsuit. Such a cute print. <3

  2. Me too! Perfect for the spring/summer :) x