NEXT Home Wishlisht Summer 2015


Some of you may be aware that I work for NEXT Home and have been for just over 2 years. I will be leaving in June and can't believe I hadn't thought of doing this post in the past! I really like the products out at the moment, particularly the bright coloured products from the Exotic Garden range. The price range at Next is usually fairly reasonable and you can definitely pick up some bargains! But below are a few products that have caught my eye and are great for the Summer months that lie ahead, 

1. Bright Peonies Jam Jar - £10
Throughout the past year or so, Next have released many of these jars with different coloured flowers. I currently have one with only red petals that I got before Christmas. But I've seen lilac and white ones too. I actually really like this version because each of the Peonies are different colour and the brightness can really brighten up a table or shelf!

2. 4 Person Exotic Cool Bag With Blanket & Bottle Holder - £38
Ah, who doesn't love a good picnic?! Again, Next have been releasing these for a while now and I really like the concept of them! You get everything you need for an outdoor meal - cutlery, glasses, blaket, etc. Such a cute idea and there's even a cool bag to keep your food fresh in the warm weather.

3. Exotic Cube Mix - £25
A bit of a twist on 1. but this jar is much larger and would be goregous on a dining table of coffee table as a centre piece! Again, the colours are so summery and can really brighten up a room! A bit pricey for what it is, but they look realistic and are just so pretty!

4. Set of 4 Glass Patterned Tealight Holders - £12
Some people only light candles during the colder months, but I personally think candles look great as long as it's dark! Sometimes after a long day at work it's nice to have a nice pamper evening, whether you want a hot bath and a glass of wine or whether you want to get in your PJ's and watch a bunch of romcoms, I think it would be great to light these little tealights and dot them around the room.

5. 5 Piece Rochelle Dining Set - £299 
I absolutely love the design of this dining set. I think it's perfect for people with small gardens or balconys as it doesn't take a huge amount of space and it's great if you like to spend time outside outside. It reminds me of what you would find in a cafe, just something cute and dainty.

6. Set of 2 Mini Stainless Steel Lanterns - £12
Again, the perfect dinner/garden party accessory - as sun begins to set you need just a little subtle light around and I think a few candles in these lanterns would look really effective and give that gorgeous glow. Next also have larger versions of these lanterns, but personally the mini ones are my favourite. 

7. Blue Hydrangea Bottle - £10
How gorgeous is this ornament?! I think it is so pretty and would look great in a Kitchen or Bathroom. The blue tones are perfect for Spring and brightening the room. This is just something a little different to the usual bright colours that you tend to get in the Summer as it's not always peoples cup of tea. But I really like it.

8. Hand Painted Abstract - £60
There's something about this piece of wallart that I really like, I think it's the simplicity of the design and I think the ombre is really effective. This particular piece would look really good all year round as the design gives some warmth. I reckon this would particularly look good in the bedroom.

9. Eternity Metal Letter Rack - £12
When I saw this, I actually imagined it as a makeup palette holder - yes, you can see where my priorities lie! But I think this is just so funky and adds a bit of character. You could even just leave it as an ornament and not put anything in it at all. 

This lamp is so modern and unique, I just love it! It comes as a floor lamp too, but I think this could easily glam up a boring bedside table or any old unit that looks a bit out of place. The only downside to this lamp is that the shade is quite opaque, so you don't get a lot of light from it, but the general appearance of this lamp is really quirky. 

11. Opulent Satin Stripe Cushion - £16
This cushion is actually a water-resistant cushion that you can use outdoors. I love the concept of this, as the last thing you want to do is to remember to take in the decorative accessories each evening. Again, the colours of this are so attractive and really put you in a summery mood! Great for BBQ's and garden parties!

12. Large Eternity Sphere Metal Sculpture - £40
This is a bit of a random one actually, but this sculpture just has so much character and looks great. I would put this on a sideboard or coffee table as a center piece. I'm pretty sure they have a matching ceiling light to go with this design which equally looks just as good.

13. Handmade Ombre Lustre Vase - £24 - £45
How goregous are the colours in this vase?! It reminds me of a holiday sunset and is just so pretty. I don't know if I would put anything in this vase, I quite like it on its own and reckon it would look just fine. It comes in two sizes so I would put them as a pair in a corner of a room or by the patio door.

14. Set of 3 Solar Powered Ribbed Jars - £22
As I said with the lanterns, these would add the perfect glow to an evening party. These are great because they are solar powered so you don't need to worry about candles blowing out or finding a plug near enough. I think they're so dinky and look really unique. I'd put them huddled in a 3 as they're shown in the pic and either put them by a few plant pots or on the steps of your patio.

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