The Pros & Cons of Gel Liner


Winged liner is something I've pretty much always worn and over the years I have juggled from using Gel liner and Liquid liner. So I thought I would share the pros and cons of both in two posts; this one is about Gel Liner. I haven't tried a huge variety of gel liners but I do love the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black, the most.


- It's easy to get an intense pop of colour, whether it's black or coloured liner.
- If you make a mistake it isn't too hard to remove, just use a cotton bud with a tiny amount of makeup remover
- You have more control over the shape of the liner by choosing different liner brushes to apply the product
- It lasts forever - ok slight exaggeration, but it really does take a long time to dry out fully and with constant use, your're actually keeping it going for longer
- Although it probably isn't advised, you can apply it in your water line


- It can be difficult to get a really thin wing
- It takes longer than liquid liner, even if you are an expert
- Some gel liners can flake off after a few hours
- You need to find the right brush or at least take time to get comfortable with the brush you have

I would love to hear your verdict on gel liner, do you prefer it more to liquid liner? This time next week I will have a post on the pros and cons of Liquid liner.

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