The Weekly Edit #3


This week hasn't been too exciting for me, I have an exam coming up soon and so most of my time is spent revising. But there are a few things I wanted to share!

24 Hours in A&E
Even though this programme is really emotional, it always amazes me how much work and bravery goes in to the paramedics and all other hospital workers. I admire their inner strength and courage to be able to help so many people and they all seem like such wonderful, friendly people. It really does scare me how such innocent acts, like climbing a tree, or being attacked on your usual route, can be so life threatening. This show isn't for the screamish, I hate anything to do with bones, and some scenes do give me the heebie jeebies, but generally I can tolerate most of it.

Holiday Shopping
My family and I are planning to go on holiday soon and as always, I use that as an excuse to go shopping crazy. I went down to Oxford Street with my Mum to pick up some bits and boy did I spend a lot. I was in the spendy mood and I get paid this week, so I may have got a bit carried away. I haven't bought clothes for a long time and I wanted to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. I mainly got things from Primark and New Look, but I will be doing a haul post soon showing you all the goodies inside those bags!

The Bodyguard
Yes, I know this film is pretty old, but we are members of Lovefilm and so when I saw this, I couldn't wait to watch it! I really enjoyed the film, it's a bit dated now of course, but the story line is good and the ending was tense and not what I expected at all! Plus, who doesn't love to sing a long to Whitney Houstan?!

Student Discount offers with UNiDAYS
Last week, I mentioned that H&M have 20% off for students for a limited time only. Well New Look also have 20% off until 30/04/15. If you get the UNiDAYS app or log in to the website, you'll be able to see all the great deals there are out there. Hopefully you have a bit more self control than me!

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