Huge Haul: New Look, F21, Primark, etc.


With a holiday coming up and my starting date for a new job just around the corner, I couldn't think of  a better reason to go on a huge shopping spree. I don't usually buy a whole bunch of clothes in one go, I normally buy it as I need it. It also hasn't helped that Unidays have had so many great student discount codes, including 20% off New Look which I mentioned in a recent Weekly Edit. There's currently a lot of nice things out for the summer and I always like the bright trends that come out in Spring. 
Every time I go on holiday I always want to buy a new bikini, to be fair, the ones I have now are all a bit small for me - yes, I've put on weight, sigh! But I love the styles out at the moment. So the top left set is from Primark, the bikini top can be worn in three different ways, either as a halter neck, normally like across the shoulders of no straps at all! The cornflour blue colour is so pretty and flattering with a tan. I'm all for mix match bikinis this year, so I firstly decided to get the bright corally/pink Flounce Front Bikini Top which I really love. Sometimes I find normal bikini tops a bit too revealing which is why I like this one so much. It covers you up just the right amount but still looks really flattering. I thought these would look cute with the Black Bikini Bottoms showed in the bottom picture. I love the cute detailing on the sides, it makes them a bit more attractive than just a plain black pair of bottoms. Weirdly I feel most comfortable in black, so I couldn't resist these bottoms. Lastly, I saw these adorable Navy and White patterned bottoms.. they're quite a basic shape but I really like the pattern and the little tassles on the side give it a bit more character.

The washbag on the left is from Primark and it was only £4. It's a pvc material so perfect for your toiletries. The monochrome aztec pattern is so cute and the yellow border is so cute! There's three pouches in this washbag, one of which is removable. I mainly got this because of the little hook on the top, which is useful for hooking on the back of a bathroom door or on a towel rail. I want to give false nails a go and not have to worry about spending a lot money on acrylics or damaging my natural nails, so I thought I'd try out these cute ones from Primark. At £1 each, you can't go wrong! I'm hoping the Elegant Touch nail glue will be a strong enough adhesive to keep the nails on for a few days at least! I don't need a new mascara at all, but there was a 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline and my Mum only needed two things, so I thought why the hell not! I have a review of this mascara which you can read here. For Christmas I bought a USB power bank for both my parents and they repeatedly tell me how useful it has been. So I thought I'd pick one up for myself. It's only £6 and you charge it once to last two full charges on your phone. It's rare my battery dies completely, but I find myself lowering my brightness and turning my internet off just to keep it going for longer. 
I've gone a bit shoe crazy this month, and I've bought 3 more pairs of shoes since this haul! I always find myself in my converses, so a few new pairs should help me get out of this habit. I couldn't resist buying a pair of vans though, I love this navy patriot blue colour, they're super comfortable and I managed to get them for £25 in the Office sale. The other two shoes are both from Primark, you can never have enough black ballet pumps, these have nice floral detailing but aren't garish at all. The second pair are pretty coral sandals with three bright flowers on each. I love these, they would look so cute with pretty little summer/beach dresses! 
Ok, on to the clothes, I got this gorgeous Khaki t-shirt style top from New Look. It's pretty basic, but it's nice and oversized which I love during the Summer. I think this would be cute with leggings of jeans or perhaps the shorts that I bought! The shorts are from Next and were only £18, which I thought was a pretty good deal. I love the style of these, which are slightly ripped, but don't know any skin. I tried on size 6 which fitted fine around the hips, but it was just a bit too tight on my thighs and I like my shorts to be a bit more loose and comfortable so these were perfect. I then saw this gingham short-sleeved shirt in Next and decided to pick that up too. I reckon it would be pretty on shorts or leggings. It's slightly longer on the back which I actually quite like, where I don't usually.
I live in Blue Jeans and Leggings all the time so I wanted to venture out into something different. I spotted these black and white trousers  on the left from Primark which were only £10. They're quite a structured but fitted style and they look really flattering. They're great for a smart/casual outfit and can be worn with so many things! The khaki twill jogger bottoms from New Look come in a few other colours and look great. I personally don't feel like I can style them and doubt I would get good wear out of it. But I'm going to give it a go nonetheless. Finally, the Chinos on the right are from Forever 21, again I got these mainly for work. They're smart and super comfortable, plus I have nothing in this stone colour. 
I was never a fan of fringing and tassels but as I've seen it on more and more fashion items, I'm slowly being converted. I've been after a smallish bag for a while and initially I wanted a tassled bucket bag from New Look initially, but I came across this Black layered fringe bag and I'm really happy with it. It's just the right size to be worn everyday too! I've actually spotted the brown one in shops and I think I prefer it. So I may exchange it for that one instead! I love forever21 for their active wear, they last long and are stylish. The cut-outs on these shorts are to die for, I love the ones I got, I got them a size up because I want them to be more comfortable while I'm exercising. Plus the medium size is a little longer. They're only £10 which I think is a bargain!
One of my collegues at work was wearing the shorts (can't find a link - sorry!) on the left and she looked stunning in them! Even though she has beautifully toned legs, I thought I'd give them a go for summer. I really like the fitting of them and think they're perfect for the summer. I think you could get away with wearing them with tights as well as without - I'm likely to wear tights with them. They would look cute with the Orange top I got from H&M. The outfit is ideal for a casual night out for drinks or dinner. P.s. sorry the top is so creased, I had it in a bag for a few days before I decided to do this post! 
This summer I'm trying be brave and wear more skirts and dresses. These two dresses are both from Primark and are borth £10. The navy blue dress has that bohemian style strap-across-the-shoulders look? I'm sure it has a more technical name than that, but you know what I mean! It's so cute and flows perfectly. I can't wait to wear it out, the belt might however be a bit big, but I'm sure I can make it work. The second dress is a bodycon made with a silky material. I had to get a size bigger because 8 was too clingy for my liking. I love the bold pattern on this dress, I don't really have anything with such bold prints, but I'm really excited to wear this!

It's safe to say that I am going to be staying away from the shops for a few months and save up some money. But I'm happy with all my purchases and can't wait to go out and wear them! I would love to see what clothes you've bought.

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