My Top 3 Budget Contouring Brushes


With contouring becoming so popular since.. well, Kim K first appeared on our screens, I thought I would show you a few brushes that I find handy when contouring. 

Foundation Brush
This brush is the first brush that I ever bought - so yes, it is quite a few years old. But seen as I haven't used it that much, it is still in a decent condition. I recently discovered this as a good contouring brush while all my normal brushes were wet from being freshly washed and I had no other choice. I dip this brush, at a 45 degree angle into the contouring powder, so you get a somewhat thicker line. I first carve a line in my usual contour line and then blend side to side in an upward direction. It's a good versatile brush and there are many affordable versions of them, like this one from Superdrug.

Sculpt Brush
This brush is very similar to the Nars ITA brush that is ridiculously expensive for what it is. It's quite a dense brush, which makes it a little hard to blend, yet it still gives such a perfect contour line. I usually use face brush to soften the line, but sometimes I quite like a harsh line. This brush is from Blank Canvas Cosmetics and is only £14.87.

Blushing, Bronzing & Blending Brush
When I was obsessed with e.l.f. I purchased this brush. Now I find that this brush is a little bit scratchy, so if you want something a bit better but still affordable then you might want to go for the same brush in the studio line, If you don't want a harsh line you can use this brush as it is, but for those of you who want something more defined, squeeze the brush so it has a flatter base and apply your contour like this. You can then release the brush to blend it out easier. 

There are a lot of other affordable contouring brushes out there. I would say the Real Techniques Bold Metals brush in 301 flat contour brush is worth buying - although I haven't tried it myself, I have heard a lot of great reviews on it. What are your favourite brushes to contour with? 

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