A Big Haul From KIKO..


I posted a picture on Twitter (follow me here) of my parcel from Kiko arriving and I thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the bits I ordered. At the time, Kiko had an offer of 30% off for newly subscribed customers and I decided to take full advantage of it. I've tried products from Kiko before, if you remember I did a huge mascara haul with a few lip products in as well, which you can read here. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out some new products as I've seen quite a few things that I want to try.
I've not tried the blushes from Kiko before, I'm pretty impressed. Ok, so the colours of the Soft Touch Blushes aren't what I was expecting. They're very muted and dull colours, but the pigmentation isn't too bad and they feel velvety smooth. I would love to try out some brighter colours as I'm sure they would perform really well. The Mauvey blush is in the shade 105 and the more corally blush is 102. I also decided to try out the Double Deco Blush in Kissimmee which has a nice bright pink coloured blush, paired with an almost rose gold highlighter style blush. I love the colour combination and I think they look pretty individually or paired together.
I had to spend over £45 to get free delivery (delivery was pretty pricey!), so I thought I'd try out some face masks. I have recently been enjoying trying out face masks and I thought I'd add these Kiko ones into the collection. I love the idea of Peeling Masks as washing off normal masks can be quite a chore, so this Peeling Mask seemed like a good idea. It claims to rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin. I also decided to try out the Energy Mask as it's a black detoxifying mask which I thought was pretty interesting. I was intrigued when I saw the Modern Tribe Face Brush as the shape of it is like nothing I've ever seen. It's a strangely shaped brush but fits perfectly around the contours of your face. I've used it to apply powder, it's good if you stipple on powder, but if you're used to blending powder then you might find it quite difficult to use - as I currently am. Nonetheless, I love the design of it and the wooden handle adds so much character! I then spotted the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter, which looked pretty interesting. I think cream highlighters look so effective and make your skin glow. I've swatched this and it looks beautiful, but I am yet to try blending it out and see how it performs - I'll keep you updated!
Ok, on to lips. I was really impressed with the lipstick that I got last time, so I decided to try some others. I picked 3 lipsticks from the Smart Lipstick range which are only £3.90 each - bargain! I got the shades 903 - Candy Rose, 918 - Classic Rose and 911 - Watermelon. These are actually really nice and pigmented, they smell just like MAC lipsticks! I'm so impressed with these and I will definitely do a post swatching them! Lastly I decided to try out some Smart Lip Pencils, there's a lot of smart product by Kiko ha! I wasn't sure which shades to go for so I just got 703 - Rosewood and 706 - Classic Red. They seem pretty good and feel creamy when applied. If they prove to be long lasting then I'll be sure to go and pick out some new shades. 

Overall I'm really impressed with all the products that I got, I think Kiko is a really affordable brand that not enough people know about. Are there any products you think are worth trying? Let me know in the comments :) 

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  1. These all look and sound amazing, I'll look forward to seeing how you get on with them :) I haven't tried anything from Kiko before but am always hearing great things about them and they've just opened a store in Brighton so I'm hoping to have a trip there soon to get some bits :D
    Love Holly x


    1. Ah, it's amazing how affordable they are and how good the quality it is. I'm sure you'd love it there! :)