My Go To Holiday Products - Lips


Cherry Culture Lip Balm - Rasberry - £2
I think it's essential to have a lip balm in the summer. One with spf is probably ideal, but any lip balm in general is good to keep your lips moisturised. I like this lip balm, well to be honest, I think all lip balms are good. But this does a good job and smells good too!

NYX Butter Gloss - Peach Cobbler - £6.50
I love the NYX Butter Glosses, they're really pigmented and they don't feel overly sticky. It's a great item to have when you just want something quick but pigmented. I love this colour with a tan, it's just the right orange for me. I have a swatch post of these here.

These are the latest lip products in my collection. I had seen a lot of people saying positive things about these but never thought to try them out. However, I finally got round to swatching them in Boots and boy do I love them! They're creamy yet are nice and pigmented. This colour is quite daring for me but I think Summer is the perfect time to give it a go. I think bright/bold lips look stunning with a minimal makeup look. If you try anything from this collection, it has to be this! 

Everyone knows that the Kate Moss lipsticks are stunning, there's such a big range of colours from nudes to bright purples! But if you're looking for a perfect Coral shade than this is the one for you! I sometimes find that corals don't suit me, but this colour is one that I feel most comfortable with. The texture is like most others in the range, it's just the right amount of creamy. 

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