What's Inside My You Beauty Discovery Box Subcription Box - June


I was late in doing a post for last months You Beauty Discovery Box so I thought I'd try and be quicker about this one. At £6.95  (including P&P), this is the most affordable subscription box I have come across - which is great because it doesn't secretly add up over the months. When subscribing to this box you get to choose two products out of a list of about 6 or so. I personally love this aspect because you don't end up with a box full of products you don't appeal to you. You do have to be quite quick in choosing your products as there is often a limited amount of products and once they're gone, they're gone!
The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a packet of these Urban Fruit Baked Strawberries. Yes, baked! How cool is that?! I haven't tried them or opened them yet because I'm saving them for when I start work next week as a snack. But I'm excited to try it. I love strawberries but I've never really had dried strawberries by themselves, I've had the ones that occasionally come in cereals and even then my experience of them is limited.
 I never really noticed how many different varieties of tea there are until I started watching Estee from Essie Button talk about a few in her vlogs. I wish there was a box that had a sample of all the different teas available so that I could try them all - are there any?! So I'm glad that Love Me Beauty included two teabag testers from Clipper. I have tried Green tea before and I have to say I'm not a huge fan, but I'm willing to give it another go. I am however very excited to try the red fruits & aronia berry tea out as it sounds delicious - might make a cuppa after I've written this post!
This is one of the products that I picked out myself. It's the Truly  Organic Pure Primer. It claims to offer protection and hydration to your skin and boost the staying power of your makeup. It also has a certified organic blend. There is 10ml of product in this tube. The consistency of the primer does feel hydrating and isn't too thick like other primers I have tried. It's easy to blend meaning a little does go a long way.
This product is designed for skin renewal and claims to deliver instant, dramatic, skin-resurfacing results. The product contains Glycolic Acid which I've heard is pretty good for rejuvenating your skin. The directions state to apply a thin layer to a clean wet face and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds. Then simply leave on for 2 minutes and wash off. The consistency feels slightly gritty but nothing too abrasive. It also has a nice fruity scent to it, which I suppose is the Papaya Enzyme.

For £6.95 you get a fair amount of stuff - although I like the box, I probably won't be buying another for a while. Just because I have so many products to test out at the moment that I could do without. But I will definitely buying it in the future, I mean, how can you go wrong at £6.95? If you're interested then check out the You Beauty Discovery Box website.

Love Neelam xx

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