#Happylips by Makeup Revolution - Review + Swatches


I have to admit, I wasn't expecting too much from these lipsticks. I know that Makeup Revolution are on point with their eye shadow and face products, but I've never really been drawn into their lip range. So when I got these two lipsticks as part of a gift bag for the company's birthday earlier this year, I was really surprised. The Amazing Care Lipsticks aim to 'smooth and hydrate your lips with Argan Oil' as well as give 'Amazing hot colour'. I have to say the pigmentation isn't incredibly intense, but it does add a nice subtle hint to your lips, which I personally prefer. In terms of hydrating your lips, they do damn good job! 

I have never come across a lipstick like this, the design is truly unique to anything I've seen before but actually does do the job well. As you can see in the pictures, there is a thin tube running down the center of the lipstick that has the pigment of a normal lipstick inside and on the outer layer there is a clear balm/gel like formula that surrounds it. So when you apply the colour you're also moisturising your lips all in one go. I was so amazed when I first opened these lipsticks, I think it's such a brilliant idea. The lipsticks are also unscented. 
The only thing I'm not too keen on is the fact that you can feel them on your lips which I find quite irritating and tend to keep rubbing my lips together to try and smooth it down. But that's purely due to the lack of lipstick I wear and for those of you who wear lipstick on a regular basis then you won't mind it at all. I think these are fab for younger girls who are just getting into lipstick or who are not really allowed to wear lipstick at school, as they are not too overpowering and they keep your lips feeling nice and nourished. I have two colours, the lighter of the two is Electric Love, a very soft baby pink and then Love Pink!, a more brighter/hot pink - both colours are very similar and wearable.

Electric love (top) and Love Pink (bottom)
Name: Amazing Care Lipstick #Happylips 
Availability: Superdrug, makeuprevolutionstore.com
Price: £3 £1.50
Shades: 4
Overall Rating: 3/5

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