My Current Shower Routine


My shower routine isn't particularly exciting, but I thought I'd give a review on some of the product that I have been using recently. 

I've been trying out new face masks recently and at the moment I'm using this one to try and battle my blackheads. I never really noticed that I had blackheads until recently and I don't know what changed in my routine that made them suddenly appear! But this mask is great, I often do it when I wash my hair and spend a little more time in the shower. It's a thick white consistency which applies oppaque on the skin. I tend to just apply it on and around my nose as that's where I suffer from blackheads the most. I leave it on for about 4-6 minutes before rinsing it off. It feels really cooling on your face and as weird as it sounds, you can almost feel it working! I have noticed a positive difference from using this which I'm really happy about. I love that you can also use it as a normal face wash.

I have had this product for such a long time but never got round to use it. It actually came in the 2013 holiday gift box - I know, so long ago! I finially decided to give it a whirl and I actually don't mind it. It isn't up there with my top cleansers, but it's refreshing and makes my face feel really clean. It has a nice peachy smell which I wasn't too keen on at first but I have grown to love it. It's not really a foamy formula, even when you do use a full pump. Which brings me on to the packaging, I love that a lot of Soap & Glory's products come with a pump - it makes it so easy to use and you don't end up dripping water everywhere. Even though I think this product is good, I don't think I'd repurchase it. 

This is my favourite body wash from Soap & Glory mainly because of the scent. My cousin describes the smell as 'broken cookies' - bless her she's only 13, but I can see where she's coming from! It's definitley a sweet, vanilla scent and as a person who loves baking, I really like that it smells of cupcakes! As for the actual formula, it's nice and foamy and you only really need two pumps on a Shower Puff to wash all your body. Plus the large bottle means it will last you a good few months before you need another. Again, the pump is a huge bonus. 

Yes, I know what you're thinking.. 'babes, you're not blonde'. But rewind back to last summer I was rocking the ombre look (see a picture in this post) and although it wasn't stark blonde, I still wanted to protect it. It's a purple conditioner which is meant to be really good for getting rid of the brassy undertones - I don't really know the science behind it. It wasn't long before I chopped off those goldilocks, but I actually noticed how soft and healthy my hair looked after using this conditioner. So I continued to use it even though I very obviously have dark brown hair. It doesn't really have a strong chemical smell to it, but it's not one that I overly enjoy. Nonetheless, it's a good conditioner to have!

This bottle of shampoo is huge. I actually didn't realise it was a 2-in-1 product until I read it now - oops. I usually always use a separate conditioner anyway. I really like TRESemme haircare, I feel like they make my hair feel strong and as healthy they could possibly be with all the heat I use on it. They have a nice scent to it that reminds me of the hairdressers - in a non-chemical way. I find a little goes a long way with this shampoo and it lathers up well that you can clean even the longest of hair with just 1 squeeze.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, I do change my routine quite often and it's very rare that I repurchase the same product because I enjoy trying new things! So when the products do switch around, I will be sure to do another post. I would love to know what essentials you use in your shower!

Love Neelam


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