The Citrus Loving Body Wash by Soap & Glory


When it comes to Soap & Glory, I usually lean towards the sweet/cookie type fragranced product, but I got this Sugar Crush Body Wash about 2 years ago in my Soap & Glory Christmas Gift set, the one that goes from £60 to £30 and is packed with a tonne of products - you know the one. I finally came round to using it around the end of last year and I was really surprised at how much I liked it. It has a very strong sweet, citrus smell which seems overpowering when you sniff the snout of the bottle, but actually it's not too bad when you're actually using it. I find the scent refreshing and it wakes you up and makes you feel so 'alive'? Yep, alive. I always find the bathroom smells good for a good few hours once you've used it. As a body wash, it's not overly creamy but it still lathers up a lot. If you use it with the Soap & Glory Shower Puff you only need about two pumps of this stuff and you're whole body will be covered in a thick layer of citrus-smelling foam - no exaggeration. At 500ml you also get a hell of a lot of product in this one bottle so it really will last you a long time! Another thing that I love about the shower gels and body wash's by Soap & Glory is that they come with a pump. It's so hassle-free, you don't need to watch the lid drop down the bath while you struggle to unscrew an overly tightened cap - great!

Name: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
Price: £6.50
Availability: Boots
Overall Rating: 5/5!

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