Tea Rose Powder Blush By Milani - Review


When these first came out I new I wanted to give them a go - I've heard a lot of good things about the blushes by Milani and I knew these would be just as good. I got mine off of Amazon just because it's the easiest way that I know of, to get Milani products in the UK. I got this blush in the shade 08 Tea Rose. Milani have 2 other shades on their website: 01 Romantic Rose and 05 Coral Rose, however there are other shades on Amazon. I went with Tea Rose as I felt it would be the perfect colour for an everyday look.

I have been using this blush to death recently as my skin is quite tanned at the moment but the colour is still pigmented and bright enough to show up really well. You don't need a lot of the product for it to show up, I would definitely recommend using a light hand to begin with and then build to your own desire. I find that one swirl in the pan is usually enough for one cheek. I love how long the blush lasts, it's one of the few affordable blushes that I own that I see throughout the day. The consistency of the blush isn't gritty and so it gives you a really nice natural finish. I reckon Tea Rose is perfect for all skin tones as it's quite a neutral pinkish colour.

Have you tried any of the Rose Powder Blushes by Milani? If so, which shade is your favourite?

Name: Rose Powder Blush
Shades: 3 on Milani (Tea Rose, Romantic Rose & Coral Rose)
Price: $7.99 (£5.69 on Amazon)
Availability: Milani, Amazon
Rating: 5/5

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