KIKO Soft Touch Blush Review - 105


Back in the beginning of Summer I took advantage of an offer at KIKO where you could get 30% if you were a new customer - you may remember my haul that I posted. I don't hear a lot of people rave about their products but I was really impressed with most of the things that I got. The products that I have been mostly reaching for are the Soft Touch Blushes, specifically the blush in the shade 105. At first sight, I didn't think the colour would do much justice on my skin tone, and I have to be honest at first it didn't. But as my tan has faded, I've found that the shade shows up much more now! The colour is like a cool toned mauvey/dusky pink. It's almost like a blush and contour shade in one as it's cool enough to give the effect of a more defined cheekbone but at the same time gives a little colour to your face. It would definitely be more prominent on those of you who have a lighter complexion, but actually, I really like this for an everyday colour! I am also very impressed with the texture of these blushes! As the name would suggest they really are soft and velvety which makes them super easy to apply and blend! The packaging is similar to that of NARS in the sense that it's quite a nice soft black texture but gets dirty super easily. It also have a tiny compact mirror which is always handy! It's quite small, if I saw it in the shop I probably wouldn't have spent £7.50 on it, but for the actual product, I'd definitely say it's worth the money!

Sorry the swatch of this blush isn't that clear, like I said, it's very similar to my skin colour!

Product: Soft touch blush
Shade range: 12
Price: £7.50
Available from: KIKO
Overall rating: 5/5

Love Always,

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