Beauty Wishlist | January


Like many people, I've tried to have a break from buying make-up during January and apart from two products (that I felt were 100% necessary), I have stuck by it! But I've come across a fair amount of products that I'd like to try this year and so I've put together this wishlist to share with you.

1. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - £19.50
Baking has come very popular recently, and even though I think it's quite a lot of hassle, I do see the difference when I set my under eye concealer. This product has really good reviews and is meant to give a non-cakey finish. It seems quite pricey for a powder, but if you're using it for just your under eyes then I'm sure it would last plenty of uses!

2. Makeup Forever Primers - £24
I could really do with a good quality primer, I'm getting a bit bored of my current primers and would like to check out some different ones. There's so many different kind of primers that Makeup Forever do, some for specific skin types and others for colour correcting. I'd like to try one that brighten/illuminates my skin and one that matifies my T-Zone.

3. NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint - $44/£30 roughly
I don't think is available in the UK, at least, I haven't seen it on the UK NARS website. I saw Melissa Alatorre use this product in one of her recent tutorials and it looked amazing. I was surprised at how amazing the coverage was for a tine - I mean, she has flawless skin anyway, but I think it would be a great product to wear on a day to day basis!

4. DOSE of colors Matte Lipsticks - £14.50
I've seen these in many American Beauty Guru's snapchats/YouTube videos and I really want to give them a go. I'm always a bit scared of matte liquid lipsticks being too dry on my lips but these look like they'd give a nice flawless finish! I want to try the 'Berry Me 2' shade which they don't actually have on Beauty Bay yet but I'm sure they will in the future!

5. Tartelette 2 in Bloom Palette - £33
When I heard that Tarte are starting to ship to the UK I was so excited! They have amazing products but in the U.K. they're very hard to get hold of. I've had my eyes on this palette for ages and I reckon I will definitely be caving in for this sometime this year! The colour range is right up my street, I also like the Amazonian Clay Matte Palette which has a similar colour family!

6. ABH Glow Kit in That Glow - $40/£28 roughly
I've seen so many pictures on instagram of this product, it looks amazing! I personally prefer the golder/yellow toned highlighters in this palette. I think they have an amazing pay off and would look so pretty in the summer. Although it is a bit much to pay, I like that it has a variety of colours that you can choose from.

What are you lusting over this month?

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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