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I have been loyal to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade for almost 2 years now, but a few months ago I decided that the colour perhaps isn't the best match for me and I'd like something a little different.
After searching online to try and decide which other colour I should try from the range I came across these more affordable dupes from Freedom. Freedom is a sister company of Makeup Revolution, who as you know, I am a massive fan of! So when I saw that they were doing a similar products to the ABH Pomades for only £5, I couldn't resist but to order one! I wasn't sure which colour would be my best fit so I thought I'd try two: Chocolate and Dark Brown 

As you can see, the pomades are very similarly packaged to the ABH pomades, which glass bottoms and a plastic screw top lid. The texture of the actual pomade is nice and creamy and easy to work with. They are really pigmented, so I definitely recommend you use a light hand or you could end up with a 'Sharpie-style' brow. I find both of these shades quite warm which I personally don't mind so much. Dark Brown is definitely a more ashier shade of brown compared to the Chocolate. If you don't like your brows to be too warm then stay clear of chocolate. In the picture above they appear to be very different, but with my naturally dark eyebrows, I find that they both look pretty similar on me, but if I had to choose one, then I'd go for Dark Brown. The lasting power is pretty decent, I find there's still a good amount of product left on my brows after a 8-hour shift at work, but I normally set them with a brow gel just to stay on the safe side. On the jar, it says the lifespan of this product is 12 months, which is longer than the ABH pomade (6months), I find that these products do tend to dry up after a year, but for only £5, it doesn't cost much to repurchase. Even when they do dry up you can still get them to work, they just require a bit more of your patience!

I thought I would also try out a brow powder, as I've never really tried a powder out before. I got mine in the shade Dark Brown, which has what appears to be two different cool tone shades of brown. The lighter seems like a silly option to put in there but actually when you apply it, it gives a nice subtle coat of colour. I'd recommend this for people who already have quite thick/dark brows that don't require much work to them as this just fills in any sparse areas you may have without looking too bold. I find that the darker shade is very easy to go overboard with - you only need a tiny amount to make your brows look bolder and darker. I personally prefer the way the pomades work over this brow duo, but if I'm in a rush then this is a great way to do my brows - or even to pop in your handbag for a quick touch up on the go. 

Duo Brow Powder Dark Brown (light left, dark second to left), Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown (second to right) and Chocolate (far right).
If you've tried the Freedom brow products I would love to know your opinion on them. Do you prefer this brow pomade to the ABH one? I'm thinking of doing a comparison post on them soon.

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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