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Back in 2014 (Corr, cannot believe it's been that long) I did a whole series of review posts about the Maybelline Mascaras - I was a huge a fan of their mascaras but since then I've tried to venture into different brands and different styles. Recently, I've been trying out the Rimmel Lash Endless Accelerator mascara.

I have mixed views on this mascara, on the most part I do think it's a good mascara to try. I like that the brush is relatively thin and it doesn't pick up so much product that you get a big lump of black product on your lashes. I find that mascaras with brushes like this are great for separating your lashes and getting right to the root. If this is what you look for in a mascara then it really is perfect for you.
 I find that it's quite hard to layer on the product though as it is constantly spreading the product through and I personally like a mascara to make my lashes look thicker which I can't achieve as well with this. I also find that the mascara doesn't really hold a curl well - although I think this is quite common with most of the mascaras I've tried, so for me, an eyelash curler is definitely needed prior to applying mascara. I think the mascara is perfect for your bottom lashes - as I like to just have a thin coat of mascara on them just to darken them up slightly.

It's also pretty easy to remove, I tend to use some type of oil-based make-up remover to remove my eye make-up and I find this mascara isn't a struggle to remove at all. Which I always value in a mascara, I hate having to spend ages at night trying to get my mascara off, it really is the worst part of removing make-up (am I right ladies?!).

Name: Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
Price: £7.99
Available from: Boots & Superdrug,
Shade Range: Black & Brown
Overall Rating: 3/5

Love Always.
Neelam xxx

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