3 Days in Prague..


It's been over a month since my trip to Prague, but I've been super busy and haven't gotten round to doing this post. With the long weekend finally here, I thought I would finally get this post up!
I went to Prague with my two best friend, on a 3 day trip to Prague. Well actually we flew there on Thursday and arrived there in the evening and then flew back home early Sunday morning - so we really only had 2 and a half days! We had only done a bit of research before we went, but had highlighted a few places we'd like to visit. When we arrived, our taxi driver gave us a map of Prague with all the recommended places highlighted which helped us a lot when it came to planning the next few days

Day One

Joy Burger is a restaurant just around the corner from where we stayed and also quite near the powder great. The food was such great value and really tasty. I loved the atmosphere of the place and it was the perfect place to go on our first night in the city.

Day Two
On the second day we had planned to do some sight seeing by ourselves but as we were walking around we were stopped by a man on a segway who introduced us to the all famous segway tours of Prague. I think we only paid around £20 per person for an hours ride on the tour. It was so much fun and a great way to see the city in such a short space of time. Even though it was hard for the tour guide to give us much information because we all had to ride in a straight line, it allowed us to see where all the good sites were so that we could revisit them later if we wanted to.

Charles Bridge

Astronomical Clock Tower

Palladium Shopping Centre
I definitley reccomend coming to the Palladium shopping centre, there's a whole bunch of shops from places you would typically get in the UK to some U.S famous stores. It's admittedly not that much cheaper than the UK. We found a few stores like Pandora to be slightly cheaper, but otherwise you can get most things for the same if not cheaper back home. There's also a lot of restaurants here, so it's a nice place to spend your evening.

Day Three
On our final day in Prague, we decided to explore the more historical side of Prague across the Charles Bridge, where the goregous Prague Castle is located. This is such a nice traditional side of the city, but be warned there's a lot of walking and the area is pretty hilly. You can also visit this area as part of the Segway tour, but it wasn't included in the hour tour we had decided to do.

 Charles Bridge

View from Prague Castle

My best friend also created a video of our time in Prague which shows more of the places we visit:

I hope you enjoyed this post - Prague is a beautiful city and even though we went in February where it was pretty cold, it was still an amazing trip!

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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