The Ride or Die Makeup Tag by Jaclyn Hill


When I saw that Jaclyn Hill created a makeup tag, I knew it'd be a good'un! I thought it would be a great idea to get involved with the Ride or Die Makeup Tag! Click here to see the original video by Jaclyn. So below are all my 'Ride or Die' makeup items which I need to have in my collection at all times!

So I'm already cheating; I have two primers that I am absoultey obsessed with and need both in my life! Because I have a combination (oily in the T-zone and normal everywhere else) skin type, I actually use two primers! So the first is the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer which I have talked about on my blog before! It's so hydrating but doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky. It works really well in making the makeup last all day long. The second primer is a mattifying primer that I use in my T-Zone and it's the Beautifully Matte Make Up Base by No7 which I have also talked about. I love this primer for controlling the oils on my face and producing a nice matte base! 

Ok, this was actually quite hard because I go through phases of liking foundations and usually colour match plays a huge factor in which I use. But if I'm going to choose something purely on performance I would have to go for the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. This foundation is medium- to full-coverage and is so easy to blend into the skin. It lasts all day (if primed and set well) and I love that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. There is a huge variety of shades for this product, although I'm currently in a difficult shade where the 3 that I have do not match me as well. I can mix them to get a colour near enough to my shade but that is just too much effort for me. 

A super easy catergory for me is concealer! My choice is the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer which I have gone through about 4 bottles of! I remember using this while I was at school and I've used this on and off since then! It's a cult favourite for me and it works so well! The only negative I have about this product is the pump, it's so difficult to pump out a small amount of the product and half a pump is really all I tend to need! But overall it's a lovely concealer and is well worth the money.

I had to add this to the selection because it's a product that I love so much and I couldn't do this tag without it! So I chose the Sleek Contour Kit as the contour shade is the perfect contour colour and the product is so pigmented! I've had mine for years and it still works really well!

Blush is my favourite product and choosing just one is extremely hard as I change depending on how tanned I am. But I would probably have to say the one that I can use all year round and the one that goes with every makeup look is the Kiko Soft Touch Blush in 102. It's the perfect peachy/pink colour that can compliment so many skin tones. The formula of these blushes are so easy to blend and crazy pigmented! I could easily use this blush without any bronzer or highlight and I would still be happy with the finish of my cheeks! This has worked when I'm really tannned and in the winter months where I'm slightly lighter. 

I don't really use bronzer that much, unless my foundation is slightly too light for me or I need to darken my neck to match my face. But the one that I do love is the Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in Deep Matte 04. This bronzer is so beautifully pigmented and has a nice warm tone to it. I sometimes wear this on it's own without a blush and it gives my face a really nice sun-kissed glow. Not to mention the packaging is super cute!

I go to and fro with my highlighters and a lot of the time I mix them together to get a really pigmented look. But I think personally golden highlighters suit me the most and my favourite would have to be the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. This highlighter is so inexpensive and so darn pigmented. Even with a fan brush you can get a really intense look. I find at the end of the day I can still see some remaind of this highlighter, although not as bold as it initially was. I like that this highlighter isn't that chunky and it doesn't enhance my pores too much! 

I am all for trying new mascaras and I think sometimes you have to make the mascara work for you. I would typically say that the Maybelline mascaras in general are ones that you can always rely on. I particularly like the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara as it elongates my natural lashes but also seperates them to make them fluttery. I like my lashes to look very thick and so I tend to always double up on mascaras; but this is the one that I always try and include! It's also good for those times where you apply too much mascara and they beging to clump up because the wand of this works wonders for seperating lashes!

My holy grail lipstick is actually a very affordable one by e.l.f. it is the moisturising lipstick in Wink Pink which I actually don't think they do anymore. I believe they have renamed it to Studio Mineral Lipstick which I really hope are the same! This lipstick is one that I feel safe wearing all year round. The packaging is quite bulky but the actual lipstick formula is really nice and nourishing. It's not matte but not glossy - it's the perfect in between! I am starting to experiment with lip products a lot more lately but this is always a safe bet!

Liquid Lip
Liquid lipsticks are definitley a new thing and ones that I think are always a good bet are the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick which are such good quality! They last well, they don't feel tacky, they're almost like a whipped formula which I really love on my lips. Because they are so smooth, sometimes if you rub your lips together too much they can bleed into the skin but the best way to avoid that is to not rub too much! They're easy to apply and there's a nice range of colours out there! 

I think my favourites have to be the Demi Wispies by Ardell lashes. I have about 3 pairs of these because they are so easy to apply and look really flattering. I find a lot of false lashes are quite long and are way too big for my eyes - but these work perfectly and look so pretty! I've had a few friends ask if I'm even wearing lashes with these because they look fairly natural! I get mine off 

Eyeshadow Palette
Of course, this has to be the Morphe 350 palette! Such an easy choice! The shades in this palette are right up my street, I love the warm colours in the palette and I use this pretty much everyday! I will say, the only shade that is missing from this palette is a nice strong black but hey, we can't have it all! The pigmentation of these shadows are just so intense and beautiful yet they are so easy to blend! I did end up paying quite a lot for shipping and customs with this palette but honestly, it's worth every penny!

Setting Spray
I'm not sure if I can include this as my R.O.D. because I've only been using it for the past few months - however, it has worked better than any I've tried so I'm still going to mention it! The L'Oreal infallibile fixing mist is probably the best product I own that keeps my makeup lasting all day. You do have to give it a good shake so you don't get powdery residue remaining on your face but it works really well. I do find that you can often feel the product on your skin a few minutes after you've sprayed and almost feels like you've got hairspray on your face, but that soon disappears after about 10 minutes. I think it's perfect for the price and does what it says on the tin!

I'm cheating again - sorry! I have two perfumes to share with you, one which I just recently came across and this is the YSL Black Opium perfume. It's such a gorgeous smell! I wear this on special occasions or in the evening because it's such a seductive scent. It's also the one perfume that if I smell someone on the tube wearing it, I know straight away what it is! It's quite pricey but I highly recommend it! The perfume that I wear daily and the one and only perfume that I've actually repurchased is the Hugo Boss Orange for women. This is such a nice everyday scent! It's refreshing and zingy, but not overly citrusy.

I hope you enjoyed this tag! It was so much fun to get involved in! I tag all of you to do this tag - tweet me your tags and I'd love to read it!

Love Always,

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