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It has come to my attention that I have a lot of makeup brushes that I use as part of my daily routine, but there are a few brushes that I think everyone must have in your collection. I wanted to share 4 of the brushes that I have used daily for years and just so happen to be affordable choices! All the brushes mentioned in this post are from Zoeva and Real Techniques - both of which are my go-to brands for makeup brushes. They produce the softest brushes I've tried for reasonable prices and I always recommend them to people. I also find that they last really long and I usually don't have an issue with shedding even after years of having them!
I've used this brush for two things since I've had it and that's for setting concealer under my eyes and applying highlighter. Right now I've been using it solely for applying highlighter as I only have one of these brushes, really need to get my hands on another one! I like my highlighter to be quite intense and this is perfect for doing that. It picks up a lot of product but also distributes it evenly in all the right places. When I used to use to set concealer, I found that it was really easy to get into the inner corners of my eyes because of its tapered shape. The bristles on this brush are also super soft which is just what you want when using it on the delicate skin around your eyes.

I'm yet to find a brush that applies foundation as well as this one does. It looks like such a basic brush, but honestly, nothing gives me a natural finish like this one does. The brush itself doesn't soak up too much foundation which is always a plus! I tend to use it in a buffing-style motion to really blend my foundation into the skin. You can also stipple with this brush, but I find that a little time-consuming and not as effective - however the brush is dense enough that you are able to use that technique. I've tried the buffing brush by real techniques and I personally prefer this one a bit better; mainly because it's slightly bigger and it's softer too.

This tulip shaped brush is a very versatile brush. I use it for bronzing and sometimes contouring as it's the perfect shape to get under my cheek bones but it's also really easy to blend the product in. Of course you can use it for the purpose it was made for, and that is to apply blush. It's also a good face brush to apply powder to, whether that's all over your face or just in selected areas. But personally I like it to bronze as it's easy to control but also big enough that I can do the whole 3-shaped-bronzing technique and even bronze up my chest area too if I need to.

Ever since I got this brush I have not used any other brush to apply powdered blushes! There's something about the softness of this brush that I just adore and it applies blush perfectly to my skin. It's easy to control and spreads the product evenly across your face. This brush is quite versatile in that you can use it for contour or bronzer as it's shape makes it easy to get into the hollows of your cheeks and around your temples. But personally, I only use it for blush.

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. I actually love using the RT Setting Brush to apply my under eye concealer itself - it's such a multipurpose one! I use the Zoeva Silk Finish virtually every day, as well as the RT Blush Brush (I have 2 for blusher and bronzer haha)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Ahh, I've never tried to use it with concealer! I might give that a go! I love the blush brush for bronzing too :)

      Neelam xxx