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Recently a new H&M opened up in my area and all the people that queued up before the grand opening received a wristband that allowed for 25%. Thankfully, I was one of those people and I managed to pick up some really cute things!

I did this haul before I went to Budapest so these pieces were perfect for my trip there! The monochrome bardot top is soo comfortable. I kept hmm'ing and ahh'ing about this top, debating whether I should keep it or not. I'm glad I did, because although it's quite summery and bold, it sits so well and can be work in the day or evening! I walked past the orange shorts thinking to myself 'will I actually get any wear out of it?' but I am so glad I picked them up. They are so cute and summery and aren't too short that they show off any bum flesh (the only time I appreciate my pancake bum for that!). They look cute during the day but can easily be worn on a night out too!! I love that they're such a florescent orange - perfect for the warmer months! I've wanted a pair of round sunglasses for ages, I have quite a small face but a big nose, so these big glasses definitely make my nose look more in proportion.

I've seen a lot of the black suede/lace up style skirts floating around recently and I was so glad to see this one in H&M. Yes it is quite short, but I think it would look adorable in Autumn/Winter with a high-neck top. The dungarees are probably my favourite thing that I purchased in this haul. I wear it with the basic white Tee and a pair of converses. But if you're comfortable with wearing something more figure hugging then a slightly copped top would look really cute! 

The long sleeved pink/blush blouse on the left is such a staple piece of clothing for work. It's so soft and comfortable and hangs really well without looking baggy. I love the colour too! Finally, the bomber jacket. I know this is a trend that will probably die out by the end of the year, but I thought it would be perfect for transition of Summer to Winter. It's a size 8 but looks a little baggy on me. However, it keeps me really warm and the colour is really flattering

Love Always,
Neelam xxx

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  1. These items are so cute! I love the dungarees!

    x Annabelle

    1. Ah thank you Annabelle! They are so cute and comfy!

      Thank you for reading xx