My Go To Wearable Brown Lipstick


If you had asked me a year ago to wear brown lipstick, I would've laughed right in your face! But I've managed to find a brown lipstick that I really love wearing! 1995 by Gerard Cosmetics, which was originally Jaclyn Hill's creation is such a wearable brown and I find that it makes my teeth look much whiter which is always a bonus! It's one of those colours that can be worn all year round as it's such a neutral colour.

I'd say the texture isn't really that creamy for this particular product, especially being a matte shade. It can sometimes drag a bit, but I find that it's necessary for this to give the finish that it promises and also helps in its lasting power. It is a matte finish and can be a little drying - I definitely have to exfoliate and moisturise my lips before applying. The lasting power of this lipstick is really good and wears well even when eating/drinking. Although I do have to check now and then to make sure it's not gathering in the creases of my lips - but generally it lasts better than most other lipsticks I've tried.

The one downside to this lipstick for me is the packaging. It's pretty much the same bullet shape as a mac lipstick but I personally find that the quality of the packaging is just not there. I don't like the shiny gold colour of it personally as it feels a bit cheap. But that's just me being picky! 

I have 3 other shades from Gerard cosmetics that I also love and I really want to get my hands on more! Have you tried any shades?

Name: Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick
Price: £9.50
Shade: 1995
Availability: Beauty Bay, Gerard Cosmetics
Overall Rating: 4/5

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. I've found a few brown shades that really suit me, but anything too orange and it looks terrible. This is definitely the kind that would suit me though as it has kind of dusky pink undertones, very pretty!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Ahh I know how you feel! This is almost an nudey brown and would suit pretty much everyone! I hope you like it if you do try it :) xxx