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Yep, I hear you. This is the strangest post topic you've ever heard but actually I find choosing the right face wipe for me such a challenge. So recently, as I was testing out a new packet of face wipes, I thought it would be a really good idea to go through a few of the different varieties and compare them to each other. I choose to compare 4 types all by the brand Simple, mainly because they were 3 for £5 and I already had a set at home - so it was a perfect chance to give them a go. I typically do use Simple face wipes as they irritate my skin a lot less than others but still remove my makeup really well. Again, I will tend to buy them when they are on some sort of offer.

Radiance Brightening Wipes
These wipes are infused with a glowing moisturiser which makes them feel really heavy with product but still fresh on the skin. It removes makeup just as well as the other makeup wipes but also leaves your skin feeling like you've just moisturised. I know that some people like the way that this feels on the skin and it does dry off pretty quick so that you're not left with a tacky, sticky face; but I personally like to wash my face off after using this as I feel like the residue this leaves is not something that I would like to leave on my face overnight. However, if you're someone who likes to use face wipes to cleanse in the morning and want that nice moisturised feel, then this product is definitely worth a try. 

Cleansing Facial Wipes
Out of all the above wipes, I think this is probably the most gentle set there. The wipes are slightly cushioned which makes is great for sensitive skin and feels super soft to use. The wipes still work well to remove makeup, even waterproof makeup. These wipes don't leave a residue on the skin and unlike the others I personally don't feel like I need to wash my face after using them. If your skin gets irritated quite easily or is sensitive to harsh wipes, I would definitely recommend this set. 

Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes
Out of all the four wipes, I think this is the one that I dislike the most. It's quite a struggle to remove my makeup with these wipes, I think it could be because it's not as heavily loaded with product? It's still gentle on the skin but the wipe feels quite dry! This is a better wipe to use as a morning facial cleanser instead of a makeup remover as it still makes your skin feel cleansed and fresh. In terms of oil balancing, I didn't really notice any difference when using these wipes and I tend to have quite an oily T-Zone. 

Exfoliating Wipes
These wipes are completely different to me - I have not seen anything quite like them! One side of them has tiny little exfoliating beads on them that work really well in, well, exfoliating your skin! At first I was quite shocked by them and they did seem a little abrasive on the skin. But after a few tries, I actually quite like it. It removes majority of my makeup and doesn't leave little beads on my skin. The other side of it has no beads on, so when you are removing makeup around delicate areas like the under eyes, you can use this side. I tend to do the exfoliating side first all over my face and then go in with the smooth side to remove my eye makeup and then go once over the rest of my face. If you have sensitive skin I would probably avoid using this as it is borderline harsh. But for me personally, I have gotten used to the intensity and do quite like this! I also feels it stops the need for me to use a scrub in the evening and instead get away with using a gentle face wash/gel.

I hope this random post has somewhat helped you. It can be super confusing choosing the right face wipes for your skin as there are so many different ones out there! My personal favourites are the Cleansing wipes and the Radiance brightening wipes as they remove your makeup so gently! I'd love to know which face wipes work well for your skin?

Love Always,

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  1. This is actually such an interesting post. I've never thought about different types of wipes in the past, but it does make a difference!

    If I buy wipes, I tend to go for the Simple cleansing wipes because they are so gentle on my face and I don't feel like I'm stripping my face of any goodness!

    1. Haha thank you, I agree! There's nothing worse than having to tug at your skin to remove makeup with a poor makeup wipe! Simple are definitely a good shout! Thanks for reading :) xx