Next Home Christmas Wishlist 2016


It's coming up to November and I think it's finally acceptable to mention the C word on my blog. Yes, Christmas! I know a bunch of you think it's wayy to early, quite frankly I've been thinking about it for the past month! I have so many exciting blog posts planned to Blogcemeber - even if I am cheating with a post every 2 days - but hey I'm trying! So today I thought I would kick things off with a Christmas Home wishlist. As many of you know, I used to work for Next Home and when we started releasing the Christmas decor it was super exciting! I used to rummage through the stock room to see all the new items so I thought I'd do a post of all the thing I've spotted on the Next website

How adorable is this bowl?! It's actually a decorative piece, so perfect to use to store jewellery or even put little fairy lights in a pile and have it as a table centre piece! 

I'm always burning candles in the months leading up to Christmas, it makes the whole house feel really festive and warm! So when I Saw that Next do fragrances like Gingerbread, Mulled Wine and Roasted Chestnuts, how could I not get excited?! I like that the candles have a simple finish to them and that each fragrance has it's own colour. They burn for 55 hours so you have plenty of candle to keep you going!  

If you're not a fan of candles then diffusers are a great alternative. If you just turn the sticks around every few days then your room really does smell good. This one looks really cute too and it has notes of orange, red berries and other festive spices

If you're hosting any dinner parties over the festive period then these might be a great addition for reception drinks or if you have a toast to make. They're a little awkward because you can't keep them standing anywhere other than the bucket but they're good if you're floating around entertaining guests. I think they're unique and quirky.

I always like the gift wrap sets from Next. It's good if you have a few gifts for one person as there's enough paper to get a theme going on. But if you like to wrap all your presents in the same themed paper you do end up needing quite a few of these packs! However, I love this colour theme, it's very luxurious and sophisticated. It's nice that you get all the matching tags and ribbons so you don't have to faff trying to find a matching one! They're also always 3 for 2 so you can get creative with matching cards or more gift wrap! 

If you're like me and you still like to have a stocking at the age of 22, then I think this one is a really christmassy and sophisticated stocking! I believe it's reversible too which is really nice. It's still pretty big and will hold a fair amount in, so no excuses for slacking! 

I remember they used to have these when I worked at Next and they were always sold out because they were so popular! I'm not sure if this colour is new but it's the first I've seen of it and I have to say it's the prettiest of them all! I think it looks so beautiful on the window sill or counter top and just adds a lot of character! 

There is so many other things on the Next website that I think are beautiful and they often have different stuff floating around in stores! I'd love to know what you buy or where you like to go for inspiration for the festive season! 

Love Always,
Neelam xxx

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  1. Ah I love Christmas posts! I love that stocking. Wouldn't mind buying that for myself and filling it ahha. I love Next homeware!! Great picks.

    Megan xxx

    1. Next Homeware is gorgeous!! I'm tempted to do the same with the stocking haha. Thank you for reading :)