5 Skincare Tips for Lazy Girls


Hands down I am the laziest person when it comes to looking after my skin - I can spend hours on my hair and makeup, but the rest of my body just gets neglected. I suffer from a few skin conditions - nothing serious, but I have a lot of scarring on my body that I hate. And the worst part of it, is that despite hating it so much, I still can't get myself into a routine of using products that would help me. But over the past year, I've been trying to get into some sort of routine and have slowly been improving on my body care regime.

I have always hated moisturising my body, I find it such a chore and I can't stand the feeling of any kind of cream on my body - particularly in summer. But my skin can often feel dry and unloved and I know that moisturising does actually do my body wonders. The greatest tip I have for including moisturising in your routine is to keep the products you want to use in your bathroom, preferably next to your shower products. I've put my Soap & Glory body cream right next to my Shower Gel so that as soon as I've finished in the shower and have patted myself dry, I apply the cream straight away - otherwise I would run off into my bedroom feeling super cold and get straight into some clothes without thinking twice about moisturising. I tend to have my showers at night which means once I have moisturised and done my whole body skincare I can go straight to sleep and in the morning, my body feels nice and soft without having that fresh sticky feeling - which I hate!

Overnight Treatments 
I find that the best time to do a treatment is when you are asleep, you don't have to think about it and it's probably the longest time you'll have something on. My favourite is something as simple as a lip treatment - I find it so irritating when I have something on my lips, I tend to rub/lick my lips more often than if I had nothing on. So at night just before I get into bed, I like to put a good moisturising balm on and that way I'm not tempted to rub it off before it has a chance to work. I sometimes find in the mornings I can still feel the product on my lips! I also like to use foot creams at night, although it feels uncomfortable at first and actually I do this more in the summer when it's warmer because I find creams really make my feet cold in the winter - I like this because when I wake up in the morning the product is absorbed into my skin and they feel silky soft.

Putting your products on show
I know this sounds silly, but kind of like the first tip, I find that if I can see the products I'm more likely to use them. I like to have all the products I need to use in one area that I no doubt will see everyday. This way when I see it I am most likely to remember to use it. It's a simple tip but you'd be surprised at how much it works!

Cleansing oils
Have you ever come home from a late night after having a few drinks and the only thing you want to do is jump into bed and catch some shut eye?! This has happened to me way too often (even when I get home at 6!). We hear time and time again about how bad it is to sleep with your makeup, but removing it at night can be such a chore! I always say to myself 'one night won't harm me' and then instantly regret it when I have 2 new breakouts, panda eyes and mascara stains on my white linen pillows - great! So I've started to keep a cleansing oil in my bathroom, next to my toothbrush (again putting the products on show) and use this to quickly remove all my makeup. These work well with even the toughest products like waterproof mascara and it's really quick to do too. I know it's not the best method as it's not a deep cleanse, but it's good enough for me! My favourite is The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil.

Brushing your lips
Yes, you read that right! Lately I have noticed that my lips are constantly getting dry, I'm pretty sure it's mainly because of the weather but I tend to bite my lips a lot when I'm feeling fidgety and that doesn't help. No matter how much lip balm I use I can't get them back to being super soft. So I use an old trick that my friend told me about and after I've done brushing my teeth, I wash the brush and gently brush over my lips. Not too hard because it can feel quite uncomfortable but just enough that it lightly exfoliates your lips. This has a similar effect to using a lip scrub but without that extra hassle and it pretty much takes a matter of seconds to do!

Do you have tips to add?

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. Overnight is the best time to have a treatment! I always scrub my face with a face brush then I use scrub for the face. Afterwards I put a face mask and then I use coconut oil overnight. The next day my skin just feels like the problematic one was peeled off and the new one added haha

    Victoria x

    1. Ooo coconut oil, that's interesting! Do you not find it causes you to break out? I'm always a bit sceptical about using face products overnight regularly but I guess coconut oil is pretty natural! Thanks for the tip!! :)

      Neelam xx