Advent Calendar of Presents #5 | #BLOGMAS Day 25


I hope you're having a wonderful day! #BLOGMAS was so much fun and even if I did miss a few days, it was a challenge to get all these posts up and running on time! However, I've had so much fun doing it and creating exciting posts for you all! I hope you're having a lovely time spending Christmas with your friends and family. So to finish it off, I'd like to share my last series of the Advent calendar of presents with you! You can see series 1, 2, 3 and 4 below.

Day 21 - Drinking Game Book

I promise that my boyfriend is not an alcoholic. But to me having fun during this time of the year is a must and everyone is willing to participate in games. With the time off people are more likely to play drinking games and thought it would be a nice addition. This is from Amazon

Day 22 - Grumpy Pyjamas

Like I said before, pyjamas at Christmas is a traditional gift, so another pair of pyjama bottoms was totally necessary! Again, these are from Asda and are great value! The waistband kind of ruins it for me but I'm sure many of you have men in you family who fit under the grump category.  

Day 23 - Christmas Socks
I've given two of these already but hey, you can never have enough socks! Especially these super cute ones. I'm not sure how good the quality of these are but they look good and let's be honest, they'll only be worn during this month!

Day 24 - Scratch a Map
I got this off Amazon and I have one myself by a different brand that also was from Amazon. They're such a good gift for people who like to travel. The idea is that you scratch away all the countries that you've been to and unveil a the colours underneath. It gets a bit tricky when you've been to the states as there isn't really a clear distinction from each state. But the idea is really cool. 

Day 25 - Calendar 

Ok so due to privacy I didn't show too much of this present. But I didn't know what to give as a main gift. So I decided to give a personal gift. I made a personal calendar from Funky Pigeon. It was really affordable and the quality is good! I kept it as a small calendar because the quality of my photos weren't that great and I didn't want to risk them printing with low quality. Luckily they were just right for the size I got.

That completes my Advent calendar of presents! I hope you've enjoyed all the posts before and I hope you're having an amazing Christmas! I'll be going back to posting twice a week!! Don't forget, all the other Christmas posts are on the Christmas tab at the top of this page! 


Love Always,Neelam xxxx

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