Christmas Advent Calendar #2 | #BLOGMAS Day 10


Earlier this week I started my Advent Calendar of Presents series. If you missed that post you can see it here, but I decided to share the gifts I put in this advent calendar to inspire you with gift ideas.

Day 6: Christmas Jumper - A light up Christmas jumper? Of course I had to buy it! This is from ASDA and surprisingly wasn't too expensive. I thought it wasn't too garish (when the lights are off of course) but still has a nice festive twist to it! It's lovely material and quite warm too! How could you go wrong?!

Day 7: Hot Chocolate - my boyfriend isn't much of a tea/coffee drinker, but a good hot drink is definitely what you need in the festive months! This Galaxy one happens to be my favourite. You could get quite festive with this and make a little hamper of hot chocolates and hot drink goodies like marshmallows and chocolate spoons - yum!

Day 8: Terry's Chocolate Orange - I don't know why these remind me of Christmas. They're sold all year round but I only ever seem to buy these around this time of year. They're lovely to share or if your like me, gobble them all to myself. I also like the Terry's Orange selection box: segsations - so good!

Day 9: Homer Christmas Pyjama Bottoms - let's be real, we all get pyjamas for Christmas, so why stop the tradition?! I love people who get matching pyjamas for the family, but sometimes crazy pyjamas are the perfect gift for a man who has everything! They're not the comfiest of pyjamas but they're perfect for some Christmas spirit! These are also from ASDA.

Day 10: Christmas Socks - Again with the Christmas cheer. I got these in a pack off Amazon. They're again, not the best of quality but they're a good laugh and they do the job! Nothing makes me chuckle more when a man wears an extremely smart outfit and has bright christmas socks on!

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