Best Places To Buy Christmas Tree Decorations | #BLOGMAS Day 6


As soon as 1st December comes round I have the tree up and all the decorations around the house. But this year, I've had so much on my plate, so I still haven't got my tree up! I bought a new one yesterday from Tesco, but I needed inspiration on how to decorate it, so as I was browsing the sites I usually get my decorations from and thought it would be nice to share some of my favourites with you. 





Where do you usually buy your tree decorations from and what colour theme are you going for this year?

Love Always,
Neelam xx

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  1. Replies
    1. ooo I've not been to Wilko in a long time! I'll have to check it out, thanks! :) x

  2. I love the Star from Tesco! We have a black and silver colour scheme as I can't manage a lot of the more traditional colour schemes with my photosensitivity (red is particularly difficult for me). I've been looking for blue baubles to make my husband a Christmas wreath for his classroom because his house colour is blue. I haven't managed to find any yet that will deliver in time for Christmas, so I'm going to make it for next year instead. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I think black and silver looks so awesome! I've seen a lot of displays that rock those colours! Awww that's such a touch idea! I think blue baubles are quite hard to come by, maybe you could try painting your own or filling clear baubles with paint, I remember Megan Leigh on YouTube did that a few years ago! :) xx