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On Black Friday, Colourpop were shipping internationally for free and I, of course, had to take advantage of the offer. It took a while for it to come, but thankfully it arrived before Christmas as I wanted to wear some of the products over the next few weeks! My package seemed to be tampered with slightly and one of the boxes was open inside, but it doesn't look like they were used! 

Left to right: Mink, Play Date, Notion, Avenue and Smitten

Left to right (no flash): Play Date, Notion, Smitten, Mink and Avenue
Left to right (flash): Play Date, Notion, Smitten, Mink and Avenue

When I saw the Blues Baby set, i first thought that it was a set of miniature lippies, however I was pleasantly surprised when I realised they were all full sized! The set is valued at $25 which works out to be $5 each (as oppose to the usual $6). There are a few different value sets available but I thought this one seemed the most fitting for this season. I've never tried the Ultra Matte Lippies from Colourpop before so I was excited to give them a go. The set comes with Mink, Play Date, Notion, Avenue and Smitten. All of which are beautiful shades! I've not worn them yet but they swatch incredibly well! They're so pigmented and dry quickly too - which is always a bonus. I can already tell they will be long lasting because they are so difficult to remove. If you use an oil-based makeup remover it is be easier to get rid of! 

Mink: Is a grey-toned nude. Almost a taupe kind of colour. 
Avenue: Is the red-est colour in the set. It's quite a cool-toned red and is borderline vampy.
Smitten: A supper dark maroon kind of colour which is darker swatched than the packaging
Play date: My personal favourite, a dark, yet vibrant cool-toned pink.
Notion: Is a darker more vampy version of play date. I would still categorise this into pink

I then got some individual Ultra Matte Lippies in the shades Viper (which always reminds me of Michelle from Ready Set Glamor) and Love Bug. The packaging of these are slightly different to the one in the set above despite them all being Ultra Matte Lippies. I'm not sure why they are different, perhaps because they are in a collection? But they all swatch equally as well. 

Viper: Is almost a lighter version of 'play date'. It's again a cool-toned pink, but could easily be worn all year round!
Love Bug: Is an orange-toned brown which I think looks beautiful on so many different skin tones. It's almost a brick coloured lippie.

Finally I wanted to try the Creme Gel Liner in Mr Bing which is part of the collaboration with Kathleen Lights. I'm always looking for a good Brown liner to line my bottom waterline so I'm hoping this will be a good one!

What are your favourite products from Colourpop? I'd love to try them out in the future! 

Love Always,Neelam xx

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  1. These are all absoutely stunning, I think Play Date needs to be mine!!

    Have a lovely Christmas!
    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

    1. Haha thanks! I agree! Play date is beautiful!! Thanks honey and youu! xxx

  2. All these liquid lipstick shades look gorgeous!

  3. I'm yet to test out anything from Color Pop and I think I need to make an order in the new year..these colours looks amazing!! Taking note of everything now!

    Sarah xo

    1. I definitely recommend trying them out! Their liquid lips are definitely popular but their eyeshadows are beautiful too. Let me know what you get! :)