New Look Party Wear 2016


If you don't know already, New Look is quite easily my favourite shop. Ever! Their clothes are good quality and are reasonably priced too! I've noticed that they have a lot of pretty clothes for the party season and a lot are currently on sale.

Midi skirts have been on trend for a while now and I think they look so beautiful! I personally can't pull them off without looking like a grandma, but I've seen so many people rock these skirts and I just think they're so sophisticated and beautiful! Plus the colour of this particular skirt is stunning.

At first glance, I thought this was a work dress, but I realsied that it has quite a deep and revealing neckline which gives that added touch. I love the colour of this dress too, not quite your typical festive colour but I reckon it would look gorgeous on most people! I get a kind of Rachel Zane vibe from it and let's be honest, who doesn't want to be her?!

Finally, a dress with sequins is always quite risky, however, as it's a dark green colour, I think it's more easy for people to pull off and doesn't attract too much attention. I love this colour, I think it's such an underrated colour but it would look beautiful on pretty much everyone! 

A red outfit is always a winner for the festive season. I love that this playsuit has a little sexy tease to it with it's lattice neckline and a slit through the back. They also have this in a full-length jumpsuit but I personally love the playsuit more! It's also half price right now, what more could you want?!

BLACK METALLIC VEST - £14.99 £7.49
Not everyone is a dress person and I have to admit that I sometimes just want to throw on a pair of jeans or leggings. So this top for me is an easy option for a dressed up night out. I'd love these with a pair of open toe heels and a bold clutch bag.

It's rare that I choose to wear a maxi dress just because I always find them more hassle then they're worth. But if you're someone who feels comfortable in a maxi dress then I think this is perfect! I know a lot of Christmas work parties are at beautiful, elegant venues and a dress like this is perfect for that occasion. It has a slit down the leg and a deep plunge line making it a very sexy number. 

This seems really skimpy but on the model it looks beautiful! It's such a simple design yet looks absolutely beautiful! I think this would look nice with a pair of a dainty strappy heels too! 

I've seen this clutch around for quite a while now and I'm not sure what it is about it but I just love it! I think it looks so elegant and looks so much more expensive than it really is! Despite it having a bold pattern on it, the colours are neutral enough that you can get a good wear out of it. 

I think this playsuit is the most wearable party outfit out there! I think it's great for an event where you don't want to look too flashy or dressed up but still want to make the effort. I would wear this so much purely because I'm more self conscious about my upper body and this covers that nicely! 

What are your favourite picks from above?

Love Always,Neelam xxx

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