Favourites in the Beauty Industry - January


My blog-related engagement has improved tremendously over the past few months and I have discovered so many amazingly talented bloggers who I feel needed to be credited for their work! I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to start doing a monthly blogger favourites. While there are many people that I wanted to mention in this post, I narrowed it down to my top 4 favourites of this month!  

Maria J
I've only recently discovered Maria's blog. I'm sure I first discovered her blog when I came across her Instagram. I love how down to earth Maria is, she's always quick to reply to comments and tweets, which I love! From beauty to fashion her content and photography is amazing! 

Instagram: @mariajblogs | Twitter: @mariajblogs | YouTube: Maria Joynson

Gemma Louise
I think I first came across Gemma's Twitter account when I saw someone re-tweet a picture of her little newborn bubba Reuben. I quickly realised that her blog was equally as cute as her son! She's an incredibly talented blogger and her posts have inspired in many ways. I love the feel from her blog and think she has excellent content! 
Instagram: @gemellisx | Twitter: @gemellisx 

Ninz has a blog full of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and blog tips. Could you ask for anymore?! I've learnt so much from her blog and think her photography is simply outstanding. I love the simplicity of her blog but find it's so effective and really adds her uniquness to her blog. 

Twitter: @ninzita23 | Instagram: @ninzbeauty

Jasmine Talks Beauty
I discovered Jasmine towards the end of 2016 and boy am I glad I did. Jasmine is beautiful and has amazing talent. It seems to be a similar trait that all my favourite bloggers have great photography and Jasmine is a prime example of where the photography blows me away each and every time. Her posts are informative and full of detail. I love the copper and marble theme that occurs in a lot of her recent pictures.

Instagram: @jasminetalksbeauty | Twitter: @jasminetalksblg

I hope you've enjoyed this post and give these girls a follow! They're incredibly talented and create beautiful content at each post! Who are your current favourites?

Love Always,Neelam xx

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  1. Love Jasmine's blog - have been reading that for a while. I actually hadn't heard of the others so will definitely check them out. Thank you for sharing!

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

    1. Ahh I'm glad you've found some new blogs to read! xxx