L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks


It hasn't been long since these masks have taken over the beauty industry. I've never really tried L'Oreal skincare but I had heard so many good things about these and I decided to try them out. I believe there is 3 different pure clay masks in the range. I picked up the purity mask and glow mask. I picked them up when they were on offer for £5 but I believe they're usually £7.99 at Boots

I was pleasantly surprised with how good the packaging was. Each of the masks come in a small, square glass jar with a plastic screw top lid. They may seem small but really, a lot goes a long way. The products come with a white plastic lid that helps to keep the product fresh for longer. I'm not sure if you're meant to chuck this once you've opened it but I keep it there just to keep things extra clean.

Each of the face masks have a similar thick consistency. I find it best to apply with a typical foundation brush. However a spatula would also work well in avoiding a mess. I believe that the idea behind them is that you 'multi-mask' which is where you apply each mask to a different problem area. I tend to apply the purity mask on my T-zone and the glow mask on my cheeks.

If you have oily or combination skin, like me, you will really like this mask. Like I said, I apply a generous layer of this on my T-zone and as it begins to dry, I can see the product breaking up where my pores are significantly large. I assume this is the oil working with the product to help control the oil. I've never seen a mask do that before and so I had high hopes for this mask on the first time I used it. I tend to apply my masks at night and I was surprised to see that the next day, the oils on my T-zone were controlled and my skin looked matte and fresh! I haven't used it the night before I've applied makeup the next day, but generally my skin did look better the next day! 

This mask doesn't quite have the same noticeable effect the next day. You can still feel it working and you can tell the texture of the skin is different, but to the eye, there isn't visibly a huge difference. When I first saw this mask I didn't realise that there was tiny little micro beads in the formula that help to exfoliate your skin when you remove the mask. These micro beads are gentle but still give your skin a polished effect. My skin feels clean and refreshed when I use this mask. I tend to apply this mask on my cheeks, chin and around my lip area as this is where I tend to lack moisture. I think I'd have to use this more consistently to be able to see a visible difference to my skin. I do, however, like to use this when I want to exfoliate my skin.

Left to right: Purity Clay mask and Glow Clay Mask
Overall, these masks are great value for money and they are kind to your skin. If you only want to pick up one then I recommend the Purity clay mask. Have you tried these masks?

Love Always,Neelam xxx

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