Staying Organised at Uni


My Christmas break is coming to an end now and I've had the loveliest time off but it's time to get back into reality. I always feel so disorganised when I go back to uni after the holidays. It takes me forever to get back into the right mindset and I try to prolong it as much as I can. However, this year, I feel like I'm ready to take on the term. I tried to do as much work as I could over the break so that I wouldn't be as stressed as I was last term. It probably helps that it is the final year and the pressure to do well is definitely on! Following on from my New Years resolutions, I have a few tips that will help you deal with uni..

Write down deadlines
Whether it's deadlines for your assignments or deadlines for job applications, having these noted in your diary always helps you plan ahead. During the first week of the year I tend to find out all my due dates and write them in my diary straight away. That way I can plan my social life and any holidays around this and make sure nothing clashes. If I have a lot going on a few days before my deadline then I can plan ahead and look to get it done earlier. 

Daily to-do lists
You've probably heard me say it a million times by now, but I'm a total list maker addict. I make lists for the smallest tasks and I love the satisfaction of ticking things off once they're completed. If I have a day off then I will make a list of all the things I want to achieve. I'm realistic with my lists.. most of the time, and I set small targets so that it feels like I've accomplished more. When I have an assignment due, I tend to break it up into chapters or sessions that we learnt the material in. Then I'll complete them in that order to make sure I get all my work covered. 

Create fake deadlines
So you know when your work is due, but if you're like me, then you tend to leave things till the last minute. Persuade yourself that your assignment is due 3 to 4 days before the real deadline and try and have it finished by this date. Then take a days break. Do something fun, go out shopping or meet up friends. Don't even look at other work. The next day (ideally not the day before it's due) come back to your work with a fresh and more relaxed mind and proof read. You'll be surprised at how many little errors you find in your work. When you're stressed, you begin to rush things and miss out on the smaller details which seem so obviously incorrect when you go over it.

Always be positive
I know what it's like to feel as though you have 101 deadlines in the month and physically not enough hours to do it. But sometimes you just need to give yourself a kick up the backside and get your head into gear. There are 1000's of students who have done what you're doing right now and have passed with amazing results. So there's no reason why you can't do it! I have so many friends who tell me that they miss uni and they miss all the free time they had from it. So make sure you make time to enjoy the year and not get too caught up in your work. 

Love Always,Neelam xx

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