Favourites in the Beauty Industry - February


Last month I kept my favourites strictly to bloggers, but I realised that there are so many talented people on other platforms that I wanted to give credit to this month! Most are newly discovered talents, whilst one has been a favourite for years!

Teni Panosian
I have been following Teni for a few years now and I grow to love her content more and more each day. She is the most down to earth, humble person I've come across and her talent definitely should not go unnoticed! Her editing skills on her vlogs and style diaries are incredible! I am in complete awe of her work. She has a complete  mix of makeup looks, from glowing, natural beauty to a full on evening glam - all of which are easy to recreate!  
Instagram: @Tenipanosian | YouTube: Teni Panosian | 
Twitter: @TeniPanosian | Snapchat: tenipanosian

Roxette Arisa
During February I discovered Roxette's channel on YouTube and was immediately impressed with her videos. I love how easy her makeup looks are to recreate and she does a great job at recreating celebrity inspired looks. Roxette also has a bunch of beauty hack videos that I also find really helpful.

Instagram: @Roxettearisa | YouTube: RoxetteArisa |
Twitter: @Roxettearisa | Snapchat: Rox93

I spend a lot of time looking for new bloggers and reading posts on Bloglovin', I find it's the best place to keep track of everyone's new content as well as finding new talent! I came across Liz's blog not too long ago and I've been reading regularly ever since! I love the simplicity of her photography but her posts and reviews are extremely detailed! 

Instagram: LipstickandConfetti | YouTube: Lipstick & Confettie |
Twitter: _elisabethhayes | Bloglovin: LipstickandConfettie | Snapchat: elisabeth.ox

Another blogger I just discovered on Bloglovin' is Leanne. It was her amazing photography skills that firstly lurred me into her blog! I quickly discovered that her posts are really informative giving honest product reviews and tips. She posts regularly so make sure you're following her to keep up with her latest posts!

Instagram: @lpbeautyblog | Twitter: @lpagebeauty
Bloglovin: LPage Beauty 

Bloglovin' is my favourite way to keep up with my favourite bloggers so make sure you're following me at Neelam Jayna Who are your favourites of this month?

Love Always,Neelam xx

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  1. I love all of these people too! Leanne is so lovely and killing it lately as is Teni she's so pretty!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

    1. I completely agree! So much talent out there :) x