Yankee Candle haul


During winter I love to light up candles around my room and get my place smelling great on the cold winter nights. So today after work I decided to head on over to The Yankee Candle shop in Westfield. I cannot believe that I haven't been sooner, it is literally candle heaven! With Christmas coming up there are a whole bunch of new festive fragrances out there. I tend to buy the small tester candles as I get bored of a fragrance easily and want to be able to switch them up whenever I want, the prices for the jars are also way out of my student budget range! These are the four that I picked up..

The first two candles are part of the christmas rane, the Vanilla cupcake scent, I think, is an all year round candle, and I believe the Summer scoop is part of the Summer range. I think there was a small sale on at the time but only a few of the candles were included. These are the prices that I paid for:
Cranberry Ice - £1.35
Snowflake Cookie - £1.80
Vanilla Cupcake - £1.80
Summer Scoop - £1.80

Each week I will try and post up a review about each of the four candles to give you an idea of what their scents are like. If you have any favourite Yankee candles then let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you all!

Neelam xxx

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