Mascara review #4



One of the main reasons why I was so drawn to this mascara when it was first released here in the UK, was the fact that it was Maybellines first get-mousse mascara and I thought it would be a great new thing to try! I have to say that I can't really tell the difference in the formula, it still feels and lasts just as long as their previous mascaras. But hey, that's not a bad thing! The want is an odd shape but actually makes it quite easy to apply mascara on. Because it has a sort of tapered end you can easily get the little lashes in the inner eye section and focus the main bulk of the wand on the rest of the lashes. I find this mascara is great to volumise your lashes, it does sometimes get quite clumpy and the more you try and seperate your lashes the worse it gets, but with practice you can achieve a really dramatic look. However, I have to say I do prefer the typical curved wand shape to this shape as I just find it so much easier to work with. For £7.99 I'd say it's worth the price, but possibly not my most recommended mascara.

Did the gel-mousse formula impress you? Let me know in the comments below..

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Neelam xx

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