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I was so thrilled when I saw nyx was selling at my workplace (next), I was after the full coverage concealer but unfortunately they didn't sell it in store. I decided to purchase it online along with a few other bits. 

Firstly, I am so pleased with the delivery service! I ordered around 11 o'clock on Thursday evening and got an email from nyx saying my parcel will be delivered on Monday. Of course I wasn't expecting to receive the parcel on Friday, nor was I expecting it to arrive on the weekend as they stated clearly that they would deliver on weekdays. On Friday, I got a text from the courier service, interlink, also saying it'll arrive on Monday and if I wanted it to be delivered to a neighbour or on a different day. I live in student accommodation so there's always someone to sign off for my parcels. So on Monday morning I received a final text from interlink letting me know that the parcel wil arrive from a specific driver between a certain time slot, and they were spot on! So I got my parcels uber quick! 

Finally, on to the products. The first product ,as I mentioned before, was the full coverage concealer in orange. The colour is meant to counteract any dark circles, which I constantly have. I know that mac have a similar product and even though my mum uses it, I wanted to try a cheaper option - £6. I'll do a review on this soon and see if it does the job. 

The second item I wanted to try out is the make-up setting spray in matte for £8. They have the dewy version but I have combination skin so it tends to look naturally dewy. I've never really tried a setting spray before, I think I have an elf one but never really gave it a chance to work. I'm hoping this will work well in the summer when my skin is particularly oily. 

After I got the essentials I thought why not spend up to £30 to get free delivery? So I got browsing and found the slim lip pencils. I've seen so many YouTubers and beauty bloggers rave about and I couldn't not try them out. I always buy two shades if I'm not sure of the colour I'd like so that I'm more likely to like at least one - weird I know. So I bought one in the shade ever and the other in Bloom. They come out so pigmented and even though I don't have a lipstick the colour of Bloom, I still love them both. 

I then decided to try out the Round Lip Glosses. I'm not a lip gloss fan at all but I've seen reviews on these talking about how there not so sticky to normal lip glosses. Damn right they're not! I love them so much, they may have converted me to a lipgloss-kinda-gal. I got them in the shade Pinky Natural and Apricot.

Last, but not least, I picked out the cream blush in Natural. I only have one cream blush and that's from elf, but it's not a creamy texture at all. This however is exactly what you would expect from a cream blush. It does take a while to get used to but once you master the power of blending it out, it looks beautiful!

That is all I got from nyx this time round, however I'm so impressed with the quality and pigment of the products that I will definitely be revisiting the site to try out more products soon! If you have any suggestions on what I should try then do let me know in the comments below. Don't forget to check the NYX website! Also, I did a post on nyx lipsticks a while back which you can see here.

Neelam xx

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