Summer Scoop Yankee candle review


Finally the sun is out and the weather is slowly getting better. So when I finished my Cranberry Ice candle, I thought what better way to get into Spring than burning this gorgeous candle?

'Delicious memories of creamy, homemade strawberry ice cream on
a hot summer day. One scoop or two?' - Yankee Candle

If you sniff the actual candle you'll smell such a beautiful fresh sweet scent that reminds you of summer. However, unlike the normal Yankee candles, this one didn't release as much of a scent and even when it was burning for a long time, it didn't leave its scent lingering around. In comparison to snowflake cookie, this definitely was weaker. Which is a shame as I do love this candle and if the scent was stronger, it would leave a gorgeous summery scent. Bit of a dissapointment - on to the next!

If you thought this candle let you down then let me know in the comments below or tweet me @newgirlbeauty 

Neelam xx

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    1. Thank you :) Your blog looks gorgeous and I've followed you too xx

  2. I find this with a couple of Yankee candles - they smell so gorgeous when you sniff them but then if you burn them you just don't get the full scent pay off :( it's such a shame! x
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    1. It's so frustrating. Snowflake cookie and vanilla cupcake yankee candles do stick to the scent when they are burning though. Maybe try those out :) Your blog looks great and I've followed you too :) xx

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