Beauty haul #6


I told myself that I will cut down on my spending this month and try and save some money, but I just couldn't resist purchasing a few bits and bobs. 

Anastasia Dipbrown Pomade in Brown 
I've seen a lot of my favourite YouTubers use this product and it looks really good. I know that gel products, like gel liner, last forever so I thought it would be well worth the price. I'm loving this product, it's extremely pigmented so you only need a little amount to fill your brows. I was debating whether to get this in the shade chocolate but I was worried that it would look to dark on my brows, but this is the perfect shade for me. 

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Petal and Birthday Suit - £4.99
I bought these after seeing Shannon from Shaanxo swatch all of the shades. They looked gorgeous so I decided to order two online. First impression, not overly impressed. They don't feel natural and they don't look as great as they did on Shannon. I may need to test it out a little more before I have a full verdict on them. 

Maybelline Colour 24hr Tattoo in On and On Bronze - £4.99
I've tried so three other shades of these already so I knew I would like the texture and feel of this product. I love bronze shades with my eye colour and I think a touch of this is lovely in the summer evenings. I may do a review post about these colour tattoos because I love them so much.

Scandaleyes Eyeshadow stick in Bad Girl Bronze - £4.49
I went through a phase where I used to put a bronze/purple eyeshadow just under my lower lash line to give the tightline effect and I loved the colour so much that I was hoping to find a pencil that gave the same effect. Thinking that this would be a more burnt bronze shade, I thought this would be a close match. However, it is more on the gold side - but I'm quite enjoying it. It adds a pop of colour to my normal dark liner look and I think it looks great! The texture of it is super smooth and nice to work with too.

Maybelline master drama Kohl liner - £4.49
I never really spend more than £3 on eyeliner, so I don't know what possessed me to buy this. But I am loooving this liner! It's uber smooth and nice to work with. I put this just above my upper lash line and smudged it out to get a nice smokey look and it was really easy to do. So I think I'll save this liner for days where I want a more dramatic look.

Sleek true colour Lipstick in Baby Doll - £4.99
I always do this, I always think that light pink colours will look nice on me and they never do. The texture of this lipstick is workable but the colour is way too 'barbie pink' for my liking. That teaches me to swatch in store first!

Nivea express hydration primer - £4.99 (£3.32)
You may have seen my 'how I prep my face' post where I speak about this primer. I don't want to repeat too much here. But this has made my makeup look a whole lot better. It definitely adds a nice glow to the skin too.

Muslin Cleansing Cloth - £2.50
I haven't yet tried this but I know a lot of people have recommended this as part of their cleansing routine. I'm planning to use it on days where I'm really pampering my skin and going for a deep cleanse. If you have any suggestions on how to get the best use out of this then please let me know in the comments below.

The Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil - £10
I've seen so many bloggers talk about this and it sounds great. I always apply a cleanser to a cotton pad and rub off my makeup. But the idea of gently rubbing in this oil to remove my makeup sounds a lot more gentle and surely would mean less tugging. Again, I haven't tried this as I have so many other cleansers I'd like to get through first but I will definitely keep you updated on how this goes.

The Body Shop Blemish Banishing kit - £10
I mainly got this for the tea tree pore minimiser, I have a few already but the idea of tea tree in this primer sounds a lot more better for my skin. The lady at Body Shop suggested getting the pack with the oil inside too as it is good for those pesky spots that never go away. I've heard that tea tree is meant to be great for acne prone skin and although I don't get as many spots anymore, I do still like to be prepared when one sneaks up on me.

The Body Shop Born Lippy in Rasberry - £2
I got this simply because it's cute and smells delicious. I like to have a lip balm on my bedside table so I can apply some just before I go to sleep and in the morning I'd wake up with uber soft lips. Well that's the idea of it. I think these are part of their new range which looks and smells gorgeous. 

Topshop Cream Blush in Flushed - £7
I've always been against clothes shops selling makeup but I've heard a lot of raves about Topshops lipsticks and blushes and thought I should just try one. I really like the cream blush, it adds a nice subtle colour but it is easily buildable. The colour and texture is lovely too.

That is all for this month, so much for a spending ban! I'll try to be a little more stricter with myself next month. Hope you liked it.

Neelam xx

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  1. awesome lip cream!

  2. Great haul, I use the primer and the chamomile cleansing oil everyday, they're great. The sleek matte me lip creams sound interesting, I've never seen them before. Can you do a review of them please?

    1. Thank you, yeah of course I can. I'll have it up as soon as I can :) xx