Some Sleek Goodies


So recently Sleek Cosmetics had a 20% off coupon for everything on the Sleek website. I already have enough of their eyeshadow palettes but I thought I would try out a few more of their blushes. I already have the shades Sahara and Flushed. I got two trio palettes in the shades Pink Lemonade and Flame and then one individual blush in the shade Rose Gold.

I have to apologise about the quality of the swatches, I find it so difficult to give the colour justice. 

Above are the swatches Molten, Bon Fire and Furnace from the Flame palette. This palette can look quite frightening and even the swatches are very pigmented, but with a very, very light hand you can get a nice look. I would probably use this palette when I'm more tanned as these won't come across as bright.
The Pink Lemonade palette includes the shades Pink Mint, Macaroon, Pink mint. You really can't go wrong with this palette, everybody loves a nice pink blush and this palette offers a nice selection. The middle swatch, Macaroon, if you may have noticed is a cream blush - which offers a nice change and you can easily layer up the blushes to ensure they last longer.
The individual blush I got is in the shade Rose Gold and boy, I have not seen anything quite like it! You can clearly see the gold specs in the blush but when I swatched this on my hand the gold stood out much more and when you change the angle of the blush it was a nice shimmery pink. I haven't tried this on my cheek yet so I'm not sure if the gold specs are too chunky, but I can imagine it to give a gorgeous highlighting finish that will really make the cheekbones pop.

Neelam xx

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  1. I loove Sleek for their blushes! I think they are the best quality blushes on the highstreet :)