2014 Beauty Favourites


At first I wasn't going to write this post because I didn't think there would be much difference to my 2013 favourites,
which you can see here - but when I revisited that post I realised that there was only one of the products mentioned that I still use now. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my new favourites. It turns out I have quite a lot, I initially gathered 13 products but seen as this is my 2014 products, I felt like I had to add another to make it even - yes, I'm abnormally fussy.
Last year I couldn't include a foundation in my favourites because I simply hadn't found the one. But this year, we have met and boy am I happy we have! L'oreal True Match foundation has been a favourite for many beauty bloggers and I can see why! This foundation is lightweight but adds the perfect amount of coverage which is easily buildable. It lasts all day, which is rare for a drugstore foundation. There is such a wide range of shades that you can choose from and you can often get someone to match you if you go to the stores with actual L'oreal counters. I was matched to N7 at first, although I find this a little ashy for me now, so the lady reccommended mixing W4 with N6.5 to get my perfect match. Lately, I've been able to get away with just applying W4, although it is slightly light, my powder makes it a better match. But come summer, when my skin gets tanned very quickly, I will be mixing it up with N6.5 to get my perfect match!

I never really used to wear powder because I always found it too cakey on the face, but this year I came across the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in the shade 350 Caramel. As you can see, I've hit pan on this product - a first. But this has worked extremely well for me, although the shade is slightly off (nothing a blend down the neck doesn't solve), the powder keeps my foundation in place all day long. It's not too heavy and leaves your skin with that nice smooth glow. 

Concealer is a very important step in my daily routine and last year I went back to using my favourite MAC pro longwear concealer. When I was at school I used to use this is as my foundation because it was a good coverage and a perfect match for my skin. However now I find it too heavy to wear all over the face and stick to using it under my eyes, around my nose and under my chin. It's medium-high coverage depending on how much you use, I apply it with my fingers just because I find it the quickest way, although it works just as good with a brush.

Another product that leaves a nice glow is the Stila 'all you need is love' cheek palette. The gold glitter that comes on top of this when you first buy it, see my Stila haul post from last year to see what I mean, was very daunting for me. I thought I would look like a gold disco ball if I applied this, but after a bit of experimenting I realised just how beautiful this blush is. I love that you can control the intensity of this blush with the different shades of pink - making it wearable for any skin colour.
First up is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in the shade Dark Brown. This year I fully embraced the whole eyebrow trend and went from the elf eyebrow kit to this beautiful beauty. I have been using this almost every day since I bought it and there is still enough product left for the rest of this year. It's drying out very slightly, so it does take a little longer to work into the brows, but it still gives a really good polished finish. 

If your like me, and find black liner in the lower waterline doesn't suit you, then you need to try the Rimmel scandaleyes eye shadow crayon in bad girl bronze. The formula of this product is nice and creamy but lasts a longer time than your average eyeliner. The colour gives a nice pop to your eyes but is still wearable on a daily basis. On days where I feel a little lazy, I like to smudge this into my eyelids to give my eyes a quick pop of colour and all you need is a little mascara to finish off the look. 

Lastly is the It's about prime, eyeshadow underbase by Soap and Glory. I love this for nights out where you tend to wear a lot more eyeshadow and really don't want to be worrying about it budging off. I have oily lids, so this product is a must for me. It really does enhance your eyeshadow and brightens your whole look. 

The collection fast stroke eyeliner is yet to be beaten from last year. This eyeliner is just the blackest of black liners and is so full proof. I tried moving on to gel liner, but soon got bored of it. I then skipped out winged liner all together during the summer but fell back in love with it during September and haven't been able to step away from this product. If you find yourself struggling to get the perfect winged liner then I definitely suggest this product because it makes the job a whole lot easier.

Continuing on from eyeliner is the GOSH Velvet touch eyeliner in Black Ink, which I use to line my upper waterline. I always apply a black liner to my upper water line because I feel it makes my eyelashes look fuller and my winged liner more seamless. This liner doesn't smudge down on to your bottom lash line and stays on for the majority of the day. Overall, the best liner around. 
And what better shadows to use that brush with than the Makeup Geek Shadows. Yes, you've heard me talk about these before in my 'I've been loving...' post but I couldn't do this post without mentioning them again. My collection has grown since that post but I have to say my favourites are still Beaches and Cream, Creme Brulee, Latte and Frappe. These shadows are so easy to work with and they look fabulous on. If you want some high quality shadows for an affordable price then Makeup Geek is the place to go!

A little off topic from the makeup goodies is a makeup brush from Zoeva. Now I haven't mentioned Zoeva brushes on my blog before and quite frankly, I'm not sure why not. They are hands down the best brushes I own, but my particular favourite is the 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush. This brush is perfect for blending eyeshadows, it's soft, easy to work with and overall a staple to have in your brush collection. 
Another product that I have mentioned before (in my 'how I prep my face' post) is the Nivea Express Hydration Primer that I've almost finished now! This primer is great and makes my makeup last all day long. It's light and refreshing and a great addition to my daily skincare routine.

Many of you may not know that I actually have naturally thick, curly hair which is basically uncontrollable. I find it so difficult to work with that I straighten my hair all the time and never leave it curly. As you can imagine, my hair can become very dry and damaged so I've been applying the TRESemme Split Remedy leave in treatment after I straighten my hair. It helps to tame my hair so much and leaves it feeling silky smooth. I use it at the ends of my hair so it doesn't make it greasy and only use it straight after I straighten it. 

I'm going through my second bottle of my Hugo Boss Orange perfume. I adore this perfume, it is definitley my favourite scent. I'm rubbish at describing scents, but if I had to chose one word to describe this perfume, it would be sophisticated. It's a perfect scent for a young adult, who's too old for JLO Glow, but hasn't quite reached your old granny style perfumes - thankfully, I don't know any names of those. 

Let me know in the comments what you have been loving and what you think would be great to try in 2015.

Neelam xxx

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